An un(known) tale of a rape victim


She walked into the house broken, engulfed in pain, fear and anguish.
Her mind troubled, her soul crumbled, life in her body beginning to diminish.
Every part of herself  craved  to cry, to scream, and to yell ‘why’.
But the eyes had deceived her, and  her tears had went dry.
Untouched and consoled, outwardly she looked intact,
But unknown to the world, it was her crotch attacked.

Now faking a sympathetic smile, the indifferent society  used their art,
Insensitive to her feelings,  all the accusations  were pushed into her cart.
“why did you go out at this time of the day,
women should be behind covers , come what may.
Forget the incident let it go,
you are a victim, everybody need not know.
It is matter of our honor, family’s name,
Pointing fingers at an influential man will put you to shame”.
And so, the incident was hushed, and the  girl was shushed.
“You should   keep shut or your existence shall be mushed.”

She pleaded, and cried, and undauntedly stood firm for her right.
And reluctantly the police was called and the case was filed.
The arguments were thrown and evidence were shown,
Though the efforts were made, the results were known .
Only She knew the truth, now tears welling up her eyes.
With his influential contacts, her justice  had to walk miles .
She was an unfortunate victim, they all agreed
But for the want of sufficient evidence,  the man got freed.

Unaccepted by the society, she lives today, a life worse than death,
While, dodging all possible punishments, he savors his free breath.





A thought popped up in my mind today,
I think I’ll share it with you
Why the sky above is not so blue
And the trees have reduced to few

Why the birds those came to my sill every morning
have seem to lost their way
its only the smoke climbing the air I see
When I squint my eyes at the start of the day.


Why the kids are sad, plunging deep into the house
Nodding their heads in a big nay
“We are not going out admist the puddle and sewage
We want a park to play,” they say.

Why the mornings are gloomy, the night’s dampness prevail
How those days were different to live
When the flowers in the garden kissed in falling sunrays.

why the world is not as it used to be
Butterflys and parrots are lost, they say
Why I cannot spend my evenings on the lake as I did
A skyscapper has taken its place
I heard as both can not together fay.

I had once heard, an old man remark in its abbey
Time is not always the same, nov is not like may
It changes with the wind, he had said.
you may wish it to stop, but it is not meant to stay.

These thought still bob in my mind
However hard I try to shoo it away
Then , defeated I stop wondering
Accepting, now it is meant to be this way.



कौन हो तुम?

ख्यालों के झोखें अक्सर आया जाया करते है

मेरे दिल में , ये पूछने की आखिर तुम कौन हो.

रूबरू हो कर भी तुमसे कुछ कह न पाती हूँ

क्यों मैं तुम्हारे  सामने मौन हूँ?

दिल की बातें होठों तक आकार ठिठक जाती है

ठहर कर दिल से पूछ लेती है, आखिर तुम मेरे कौन हो?

उम्मीदों से बंधे पाँव दौड़ के पहुच जाते है द्वार तक

पर कदम देहलीज़ पे पड़ने से पहले पूछ लेते जी तुम मेरे कौन हो?


तुम्हारे ज़िक्र पर जुगनू की तरह  चमकती मेरी आँखें

शर्माता हुआ चेहरा, अजीब सी बेचैनी

मुझे झंझोर के पूछती है, की बोलो की तुम मेरे कौन हो.


आज भी तुम्हारी याद, मुस्कुराहटों की बहार ला देती है,

और मैं सिर्फ दिल से इतना ही पूछ पाती हूँ की तुम मेरे कौन हो?

I will be there


Whenever you feel, you are missing me,

Just close your eyes and I’ll be there


Whenever you feel, you love me

Just pull me close and leave no air


Whenever you feel, I am adorable,

Call me up to say, you care


Whenever you feel, I am not what you see

Just look into my eyes and you will see a soul bare


Whenever you feel I don’t love you anymore

Just pass an order and I’ll do as you declare


Whenever you feel, you are lucky to have me

Just know I feel the same, coz you are a gem so rare


Whenever you feel, you need some1 to talk

Just frame your words and you’ll have all my ears.


Whenever you feel scared by the outside world,

You are here secured and safe, I am always here, just be aware


Whenever you feel alone in this huge world

Just walk with me, and we will be the loveliest pair




There are moments when we feel emotionally low, start doubting our-self, our efforts. We feel that whatever we are doing , may be its not worth, and it it is, it is not giving us results. Life of others seems better and greener to us. But we forget that grass is always greener the other side. Patience and hard work is something which help us climb the ladder of success.

This is a short poem depicting these things. A small note of motivation and encouragement.


“Just shun all the apprehensions,

You have a long way to go.

Fear is the loser’s baby

Courage is what helps you to grow.


The face of life has many lines on its floor

You cannot wipe everything you wish

Happiness and sadness are part of it

Required to make perfect dough.


Stop judging yourself, it’s time to sow

You will get the result when you least expect it

A’ yes’ is not always good

And bad does not always follows a ‘no’.


Anticipate the future with open arms

You have faced the heat, now let it snow

Present is precious, future is magical

Work hard, and let the world know


Life is beautiful if you wish to see it that way

These are happiness and blessings laid up in a row.

You live life completely only when

You learn to maneuver between the high and the low. ”  


Who are you to me?

You are asking me, what are you to me. Like Seriously? . You want a expressive answer I guess..

In the world of struggling days, you are my peaceful night.

In the world insomniac, you are my sound sleep

In the world of restlessness,you are my music.

In the world of maths problems, you are my calculator.

In the world of heartbreaks, you are my sweet crush.

In the world of tasteless veggies, you are my chocolate.

In the world of accusations, you are my pride.

In the world of failures, you are my prize.


In the world of every moment of death, you are my life



दिल की खिड़कियों से झांकती ख्वाइशें, ज़माने की हकीकत से रुबरू होते ही सहम जाती है।
आशा की निगाहों से आसमान को देखकर कुछ आज़ादी की चाह कर जाती है।
उन्हें पुरे होने का ख्याल जब सताता है,
दिमाग का रास्ता ढूंढने निकल जाती है।
और जब दिमाग ही उनके मुंह पे अपना द्वार बंद कर दे
वो वही टूट कर बिखर जाती है।

कहानी यही ख़तम नहीं होती।

उन खिड़कियों की चौखटों को तोड़कर जाने की चाह लिए यही ख्वाइशें एक नयी राह पर चल जाती है।
एक नन्हे बच्चे की हट लिए, दिल की लाचारी का सबब बन जाती है।
फिर अपनी बात मनवाने दिल और दिमाग में लड़ाई करा जाती है।
आखिर उसे अपनी मंज़िल तक जो पहुचना होता है।

अगर उस संघर्ष में हार गयी तो, मुस्कान के साथ वही घुट कर मर जाती हैं।
और अगर जीत गयी तो, अपने पर फैलाये मंज़िल की ओर उड़ जाती है।

दिल की खिड़कियों से झांकती ये ख्वाइशें ज़िन्दगी में क्या क्या कर जाती है।

A havoc called Demonetization…

The mastermind behind the demonetization has possibly given the precise quote in the present havoc situation, after our PM declared the demonetization. “He has done this operation without the anesthesia”. he had said. The situation in the county today is no less than an emergency, with the only difference being that in an actual emergency the rich are able to save their asses and the poor, relying on government support are often drowned. Whereas in today’s situation the rich are the most distressed, depressed and worried class of people. Off course the other people are too facing difficulties, but they are able to take an un corrupted sleep. For them the worry of exchange and withdrawal is present, but at least are saved from the tension of ‘how to turn black into white without being identified’.

Demonetization is a huge step which has almost paralyzed the whole economy. People are leaving all their chores to stand for hours in line to withdraw their own money and that too only 2000 at a time. What great difference would it make? Bank employees are working like mules to control and help the crowd brimming at the banks gates, among which half of them are sent back because there is shortage of cash. The rage of people are growing when news of elderly dying at the queue surface the newspapers. Yes the country is supporting the PM in his decision of demonetization, but if it’s wise or not, this will only be evident in coming months.


Today the PM is being criticized for troubling the poor and slowing the business. The GDP is estimated to plunge down due to   speed braker the business has faced. But the silver lining is the  creative minds of people who are thinking business in this grave situation too. Like the innovative startup which has come up in Delhi offering people to hire someone to stand in queue on behalf of them by ‘ Book your chotu’; an app.A  surprising idea.

Where there are news surfacing the media of complete disapproval and abuses hurled by the people of small towns where complete reliance is on cash n not plastic money, PM is also being praised of taking such a bold step to curb corruption .  Waiting for the results of which Modi had anticipated to bring out such announcement is the only way left. But it would be interesting to see if the citizens stand by him till the end going by the problems being faced by them.


Demonetization or ‘Monsterization’ ?…

I had just stepped out of the ATM when the news app on my phone flashed,  informing me that all the shining notes I had reluctantly withdrawn( it pains a lot to withdraw money, more when you have to give it to someone else as it is) would turn useless from the midnight. Yes, u guessed it right, it was 8th Nov and the time was precisely 8.05 pm. I had lots of bills to be paid and it took me a while to fathom the unfortunate news that has just brought my sleeping phone into life with all the useless trolls, jokes and GIF flooding the watsapp chats. To confirm that it’s not a stupid joke, I switched on the TV and yes our dear PM’S voice resonated in my ears which said 500 and 1000 notes would not be a legal tender any more. Looking at my phone irritated me even more when I saw my gallery brimming again with photos, which I had recently  cleaned after the Diwali. The next day went inquiring for the procedure of cash exchange after I had managed to vacuum out the old 500 notes which were secured in the envelopes I had received earlier. Firstly it took me 2 days to understand its terminology as being ‘demonetization’ and  ‘  नोटबंदी’  and further two weeks as how would it bring and stop black money back. The system of vacuuming cash hidden in the ‘secret chambers’ of the rich was something I was not able to digest. I mean, let’s see. No comments!!


Before the system of inking our fingers came I had already exchanged half of my reserves, but the other half hung in midway, as the officials, with a grave face refused to exchange anything more if we had already done once. And depositing it  and then withdrawing the same  seemed scary to me, as standing in the long queue lined up before hardly working ATM’S shuddered me inside out. But today, when I decided to pay the banks in my area a brief visit, I was confirmed that I have to face my fears now, as  exchanging cash  is disallowed. The Hrithik Roshan add started playing in my mind “Darr ke aage jeet hai’ and finally I am standing before  the ATM queue looking at the urgency smeared on everyone’s face. As I may stop shopping or treating myself with ice cream for some time, but the meals  will not wait for the Modiji’s  plan to take its form. The tiffinwale bhaiya has asked for money and I need to finally face the line now. Never have I felt so bad on having 500 notes in my purse.

Finally on a serious note, I wish other people of the country are not at the same flight of stairs as I am. God bless…


खुद से मिल आउ कभी

बरसों से ख्वाइश है, खुद से मिल आऊ कभी
दुनिया की तो सुनती ही रहती हूं
दौड़ के चल दूं दिल की ओर
वह आवाज़ लगाये तभी

आशा की निगाहों से ढूंढती हूं मंज़िल को
क्या पता उससे पूंछू तो
वह ही बता दे उन्हें पाने के रास्ते सभी

चाहता है हमेशा से कुछ कहना वो
पर आवाज़ रहती है उसकी कुछ दबी दबी
सोचती हूँ थोड़ा सुन लू उसकी भी
अब गुफ़्तुगू कर ही आऊ उससे भी

बंद कमरे की चारदीवारी में
कुछ घुट सा जाता है मन
तोड़ के बढ़ियों को, छोड़ के बंदिशों को
खुल के जी आऊ कुछ पल मैं भी।

कुछ परेशानियां, कुछ ज़िम्मेदारियाँ हमेशा ही रहेंगी ज़िन्दगी में,
एक पल को उन्हें भूल कर
ज़िन्दगी के तोहफे को चूम आऊ कभी।

कल तो था, और कल तो हमेशा ही आएगा,
जो आज है उसे पहचान कर, मुस्कुराऊँ अभी

बरसों से ख्वाइश है
खुद से मिल आऊ कभी
दुनिया की तो सुनती ही रहती हूं
दिल की आवाज़ भी सुन आऊ अभी।