Life is a form of endless journey.It goes on  and on. in day and in  night, through weeks and months.It may stop for you but not for the world.And if it stops for you , you are dead. Life is actually an unknown journey.in the inception you are handed over some important things to survive viz family and basic necessity and then you have to add on to move ahead. Through plains , terrains, mountains and beaches, it just continues. It brings you joy , happiness sorrows and festivity and still goes on. Many people join you and many leave you , but then only you meet your soul mate.

In this unknown journey called life, many a times you come across situations when you feel the door in front of you is closed or the path is taking you to a wrong destination.It is actually a test; a live test which is taken to see if you are eligible to go further in your path. If you steer your path correctly, you can make through the difficult situation, and succeed; otherwise the destiny abandons you there.

Whenever you step a foot  forward towards your desires, there are numerous cuffs holding your steps.This is a crucial time.A point to scuffle through your priorities ;to decide which part of your life is more important then your step ahead. Whatever you do , you should always have the main goal of your life in  acorner of your heart.your  main destination should not diminish away.It should always shine  aloud to be remembered. After all its you who have to embark your ultimate journey towards it.


Every write up should have a title , which is absent in my case. The problem is I dont know what should be its title.here I want to talk about people, about the mentality and the things i feel is unfair.

There are several  types of professions, people follow to earn their living , in most of them the efforts and hard work is the same ; but its sad to see that the treatment people get are far from fair. the most perfect example comes of politicians and film stars. See I am no less.. why do I call them star. actors I meant. So they act , sing and dance for us. No doubt its a tough job, but whose job is not tough? walk on the street; You will see a labourer pushing weights on wheel barrow thrice their weight, are their jobs easy? A person pulling a hand rickshaw is happy  to do so?  the labourers toil in the sun the whole day and get meager payments enough to sustain their living for a day . On the other hands, the actors act under the sun (if anytime) for a hour and  they get  amounts which  enough for them to enjoy  year or so. Is it not unfair?

Of course this is the difference of being educated and uneducated (which many actors are not) . but there should be a limit as to how a  particular class of people is treated. They do their jobs and so the others, but  these actors are the most over-rated professionals.  If we talk about the politicians; I dont  even want to comment on them ,as may be I will be arrested If I keep my  negative views.  We live in a democracy, but are not allowed to point our views which we think are necessary for the governing bodies to know. What democracy is this?

Manual scavengers  are known to  be the lowest class of people because they perform a job; none of us would like to do. and this should be the reason they must get their due respect. I pity the porters, and waiters.. They do the double  work;  we normal people perform and are the most disrespected…

The hard work to build a store are done by the masons and workers and the public, but ironically applauds are  for the politicians inaugurating it. Is it fair?

There are millions of such examples where people are not treated as they should be,their efforts are not appreciated and accounted.

These things pinch my heart and i wish I would be able to bring about a change…

Good luck !

Try again until you suceed

I had started this blog to showcase my writing skills, however I did not put in extra efforts to publicise it.there are people who like my articles , but do not comment anything so that I know if its good or not.this led to me ignoring it, although I knew that writing continuously is the key to my improvement.. people say that  it is very necessary that you keep on writing every day …..practise makes a man  perfect.

I often didn’t write anything as I went out of ideas. But then thought  how can writing ideas can come to an end especially when the writer is a reader and the world is full of ideas. But of course everyone . Need s an inspiration. And so I decided to write daily. But this killing lazyness kills my mood. . For today’s inspiration I read a young bloggers post in a magazine and guess what, it was about a very natural and normal event in her life in which her brother motivates him to enjoy her life. I was surprised to see that this can also become a post. Farhan Akhtar too spoke in a interview that he used to write something everyday before finalising the script of ‘Dil chahta hai’….

I think this is enough inspiration for me too…

What do u think :(



Earth’s Décor-Nature    

Nature has its own attractive way,

Infusing Beauty

Reflecting in the moon’s light and the morning sun rays

In the brooks, trees plants and bushes

Also look the way, water in the stream rushes.

The hills, dunes and mountains standing high

Wrestling with the wind and then settling on a tie

See the birds, chicks, their wings and beaks

A different language u can hear them speak

The colors in the sky resembling an artist’s palette

Shades of the sun dancing in a beautiful ballet

You cannot ignore the sunset on the far west

How mesmerizing and divine it seems from the rest

Oh! Hear the cow’s moo eating the grass green

Can such calmness anywhere else be seen?

Catch hold the cold mist, take in the dawn breeze,

Of the time when cuckoo coos and lovers tease

The sand, & the sea, the water in the beautiful beach

The feeling of love and her cheeks turning peach

The baby and its play, the boat on a rainy day

It’s all so astonishing I have millions of praises to say

After all nature shows its marvelous ways

From silvery moonlight to morning rays….


I wish

In our lives there are so many ‘I wish’….

I wish I had that red dress,

I wish I could dine in that luxury hotel,

I wish I could meet obama..

I wish I had that mobile which my neighbor has,

If its not ending here,

Take a look at these,

I wish I was younger,

I wish my dad had not died,

I wish I had learnt cooking in my youth,

I wish my friend had not left me,

I wish I had a better childhood

I wish I had studied properly..

Our wish list is so long that sometimes it exceeds are pulse rate…

We don’t stop wishing even for things we know, we wud never get…..things which has long gone, never to come back. Because it is a habit.

It is said an unsatisfied man is the unhappy one. A beggar can be the happiest person alive and a king can be the most unhappy. And the thing that makes them so is “SATISFACTION’

If you are satisfied, you are surely happy, and as on…

So This Is the secret; if you want to be happy; learn to be happy with whatever u have and of course a belief that something available to you is the best you can have…

Good Luck..

Pillars of happy life



“In a village, it has not rained for two seasons. The crop was drying and the farmers were very worried as a reason for this. They decided to worship lord for rains. In this whole segment, the most astonishing thing for them was a small boy  who came with  an umbrella, when they had accumulated for the prayers.

He had ‘FAITH’ that Lord will listen to their prayers and ‘HOPE’ that he will listen very soon.”

Faith and hope are two pillars of a happy and satisfied life. Faith that whatever is happening or happens or is destined in our lives, is only for something good. It has some meaning and purpose in the walks of life in future ahead. Faith on the Power you worship that he will do everything good and will not let you suffer alone for anything unnecessary. Faith that you are his children and he never wants to see you unhappy. If you feel something wrong is going on in your life, it may be your own mistake for which you are being punished.

Sometimes it happens that it is now impossible for you to endure that pain, that difficulty and in that moment you just pray to him for a way out. And he does……he surely does. And here, after your prayer FAITH is the belief that the next couple of events are a way out for your difficulty. He may not fully take you out of that problem but will surely give you a way out, give you strength to face your barrier and to come out of it with triumph.Hope is also a welcome path of faith. You will have faith only when you have a hope…

Hope; another very strong pillar of a happy life…I believe that the world runs by hope. Hope that everything will be good. Hope that one day you will reach your destination. Hope that u will meet good people in your life..Hope that todays day will be good..It wont be wrong to say that everybody lives with a hope. take for example; no one knows if we will be able to get up  the next morning or not but we still arrange our things for the next day, fix up appointments. this is hope.

Hope that if today was bad tomorrow will be good and so on…

A person who has Hope and Faith in life do not get sad by failures or hardships..are  always positive and leads a better, a happier life …..

Just include a pinch of faith and hope in your lives and see its changing colors….


happy new year

A new phase has passed , a new phase is at ur doorstep…bid adieu to the year of sorrow, year of hatred year of ungratefulness n year of helplessness….
Welcome a new phase, a year of happiness, dreams, joys, love confidence, relationships and success…
Let go of things which put u down in the past and take in ur goodness ahead!!!
loads of love …