Live in the moment.

I am always keen to write, and I really like it. But many a times I am lazy enough not  to pick my pen to write. Writing something and jotting down my thoughts is nice. It helps me understand myself, and helps in my self evaluation, but I write with a wish, that my writings do something good to anybody who reads it. It may be a single person but surely someone out there, who has a moment of happiness because of me.

Here I am talking about something which everyone goes through, in one point of time. I just finished reading Chetan Bhagat’s  “Five Point Someone” , and it’s not at all a book review. I know it’s very late to talk about it as it is a very old book, but u know na its better late than never. And a thought occurred in my mind .y do we miss those things later in our lives which we once hated to live through. We at that time craved to come out of that situation. But when it gets finished a feeling of vacuum creeps in our life…

For instance our school days, just take your mind to that period. Waking up early morning for school, and the torturing hours of books and lectures. How much we hated that and how can one ever forget those days. But the day of farewell is indeed the most painful, when we realize that a phase is about to get over and may be would never come back. We have the excitement of entering the college, but the amazing schools days are missed each second. I can write manuscripts on the precious things school gave us. Here the matter is different. Memories….


I often wonder that why does we mostly dislike the present situation we live in? And miss it later. And the answer lies in the fact that we do not enjoy our present moment. Our lives goes on but a ‘I wish’ tag always remains in our mind , in our thought .it just does not go away. A thought of better days, better things and different situation. A longingness always remains in mind; how much we may be successful , and this what takes us down and depressed.

 It is needed that we live happily with whatever we have presently, and then work for what we desire.


Travelling is a life changing experience. From setting foot on the train to stepping off, the learning experience goes on. The tracks of the train never meet, but it is because it wants to drop their passengers safely to their own destination, near their loved ones. To a place where their lives gets a new meaning.

A journey is like a new phase, a new beginning to life’s saga. The acquaintances changes from family and friends to strangers and unknown people, with whom unknowingly we create a lovely

Talking to the co-passengers is always a enlightening experience.owing to the dangers today its also a frightening one. We come across a series of new people, new ways. Many a times they  are responsible to give us life experiences which we cherish for ages.

Sometimes a journey lingers in our minds for some uncertain and sour experiences, but remains in our hearts for a happy , memorable instances. some characters give us life lessons and some a memory to smile forever.

The life’s luxury ‘Yaadein’


Vendors are the most important aspect of the train journey. My life seems more lucky and colorful when we see them wandering around the trains  in the scorching sun and rain to sell a variety of products for mere hundred of rupees which are actually their 2 time meal source. Ranging from small kids to elderly less fortunate people, everyone has their own tale to tell. “Papi pet ka sawal hai” they say. I feel sad for people who come before me  with big bags in their hands filled with stuffs and deep expectations in  their eyes. I cannot buy everything na.!images (2)

They say train journey is a cumbersome route to travel. But it is a moment for our own insight. To peep into our own selves. To feel gratitude for our lives as compared to the other sad souls around.

A journey different from our own boring lives, to enjoy the nature around the tracks  and an excitement of a new place to visit.

Zindagi ek safar hai, kaun kaha ja ke ruke; kya pata.



Childhood is that limited time frame in the life of an individual which never comes back. The fun and the innocence of the childhood period is cherished through our entire life .But, ironically there are several kids who in turn, attempt to loose the childhood bliss to mint money. Today every channel on the television have child artist employed with them. Whether it’s junior version of  reality shows, or daily soaps, children are equally working with the grown ups. A five year old who should be running around swings and playing with toys at this age, is busy getting decked up and getting ready for the camera. The sets and make up are their friends rather than puzzles and dolls. Long shooting schedules, irregular timings and glamour diverts their attention from education and school; they miss the school life, its fun and its innocent upbringing. Being adjusted to glitz and showbiz, greed for making money easily, is inculcated in them and the importance of education diminishes in their minds. Hectic shooting hours and rigorous rehearsals exhausts them, snatching away their ‘play’ time; an equally important ingredient in a child’s overall development.

The star kids, particularly their parents should realize that they have their whole life to work and make money. But they only have few years to live their life freely and peacefully without the worries of the world. Their innocent childhood should not be encroached by the rejections and heart break of the ruthless showbiz. They should not voluntarily turn into a ‘sophisticated’ CHILD LABOUR.


एक बुरा सपना जब देखकर उठु

डारी सहमी सी विचलित सी रहूं

मैं सुरक्षित हू तेरे पास

यह आश्वासन पाने का मान करता है

माँ तेरे आँचल मे रोने का मन करता है

माँ तेरे गोद मे सोने का मन करता है.

लड़कियाँ मुझे चिढ़ाती  है,बात बात पर सताती है

कोई नई होता उनसे बचाने वाला, उनकी कपटी नज़रों से चुराने वाला

मैं रो कर जब घर को आउ

सर पर प्यार भरे स्पर्श पाने का मन करता है

माँ तेरे आँचल मे रोने का मन करता है

माँ तेरे गोद मे सोने का मन करता है.

परेशान हो गई हूँ लोगो के तानो से

अपने नम्रता के बदले उपेक्षा पाने से

कड़वे वचन बोलने वाले बहुत है यहा, उन्हे हर बार मानने से

प्यार भरे शब्दो के जवाब मे प्यार पाने का मन करता है

माँ तेरे आँचल मे रोने का मन करता है

माँ तेरे गोद मे सोने का मन करता है.

रत को तक कर जब घर को आउ

दुनिया के झंझटों से लड़ कर जब अओ

तुझी से मेरा जीवन है, तू ही मेरी जीवन रेखा, तुझे पास बैठा कर यह बताऊं

ऐसे एहसास के पल पाने का मन करता है

माँ तेरे आँचल मे रोने का मन करता है

माँ तेरे गोद मे सोने का मन करता है.

तू सच्ची है बेटा, सच्ची ही रहना

दुनिया के मायाजाल से बचके तू रहना

मैं हू तेरे साथ, हर कदम , हर पल, डॅट के तू रहना

ये सुकून के शब्द फिर से सुनने का मन करता है

माँ तेरे आँचल मे रोने का मन करता है

माँ तेरे गोद मे सोने का मन करता है.


Badani Devi, 82 lady is surviving only on a few spoons of water every day; she is practicing Santhara.

A multilingual and multicultural country, India  boasts of thousands of different traditions and customs practiced under  innumerable religions followed here. Undoubtedly the people have immense faith in their customs considering  them above their own lives. Though many a times, these rituals pose a grave threat to the person concerned and to the society, thereby encroaching the fundamental right of life . Thus, to solve these types of conflicting religious philosophies, the law jumps into action to decide a way out; Santhara cum suicide case being the latest issue..

Santhara is a rigid ritual followed by the jain community which is a fast-unto-death. The person practicing it takes a vow and voluntarily sacrifices all sorts of worldly pleasures and lives a simple yet difficult life. Santhara is practiced in stages, gradually giving up solid food, then liquid food and finally even water. Turning indifferent to any type of suffering to their body, it is a stubborn manner of waiting for death to engulf them, a form of soul purification; they say it is. According to the person following it, Santhara  is an act of spiritual purification premised on an exercise of individual autonomy.

The righteousness of Santhara case came into question when Rajasthan High Court gave a verdict against it. On 10th August, the Jaipur bench of the court ruled on a public interest litigation filed in may 2006 against Santhara. It was ruled that henceforth, it would be treated as suicide, punishable under section 309 and 306 of the Indian penal code, and not as a religious practice. The High court also compared the practice to the old Sati practice.

The question is, whether the stand of the Jaipur Bench to term Santhara as suicide is right or wrong. Legally if we see, then Santhara is close to suicide, although not as a result of hopelessness or any negativity, and so IPC can be imposed on such act. However the Supreme Court has lifted the ban as it is reviewing the cluster of petitions from Jain community saying Santhara is constitutionally protected as right to religious freedom.

Santhara leads to a painfully slow death and so stinks of the chances of foul play sometimes.  Jaipur based lawyer and activist, Nikhil Soni who had asked for the santhara to be banned debates that it can be misused to cover for the death of family members they to do not want to take care of.

Whether to treat Santhara as suicide or not depends upon the viewpoint of people from different communities. Where the Jain community regards is as completely justified and an act of supreme renunciation, others may consider it, as a suicide camouflaged under the name of taking death under stride.