The World is changing by….


As I embark upon the the journey through life , I witness a wave of change. A change of culture, traditions, habits and thought.A change in lifestyle, landscape, living and tolerance.A change in times.

The thatched roofs and dung layered floors turning into silver glassed window panes and mirror tiles on the floor. The narrow lanes smeared with cow dung and mud into six lane wide concrete roads where every other vehicle is against a race with the other. As I step out of my home, which has also turned from the ventilated 2 storey  house lined by gardens and trees to air tight packet some BHK flats, where the sunlight struggles to step in and driveway is a matter of the past, I even see the change in the air that we breath.

As I continue walking past the racing crowd of rat race , i realize that the relations today  are like, lost in the world of competition.every other child is heading to score the maximum, to get a seat in the IIT;  every other adult for a  9-5  job. The mutuality that kept families intact over decades  have died a painful death. The healthy family whose number ran into two digits  has been replaced by nuclear families, where isolation and solitude are the convenient companions of the kids in the house. The discussions and opinions of the members have gone, the evening gathering have turned into evening check ins on social media sites, and of course the cousins are now a distant relatives..

As i move forward pondering on these facts  I can see the change in the class and behavior of the demography of people. Change in lifestyle, in patience and tolerance power, change in reactions and responses and also in the awareness level. And undoubtedly it has brought in a lot of problems and troubles with it too. People are more aware, more arrogant and more self centered.

A change in technology, with on one hand has simplified life and on the other hand has also complicated it severely. A change in scenario where, humans are turning into machines, with a glint of emotions and feelings dying a silent death. A change in habits, likes, dislikes and influences, which does not step back from breaking the barriers and insulting the traditions. Though a Positive change for the downtrodden, caged in age old superstitious beliefs, but very fatal for ever- knowing – youngster, who are  lacking behind in taking their legacy forward thanks to the technological advancements .

The country where the rituals and traditions have given it a distinct identity  is also victimized by the wave of this change. Of course it will be and should be evident. The value and meaning of festivals are taking a scary change.

There is a shift in the world, shift in the mindset and thoughts. Change breaking into every pores of the society . The change to see a different future.

It is entirely different and debatable as to it will lead the world to doom or progress….

Does the word intolerance exists today?

A lot of ruckus was created in 2015 over the term ‘intolerance’. Anybody saying a word, in favor of the term and against of the scenario around it, was thrashed like anything. Be it a politician or film star, everyone suffered the same fate; leave alone the commoners: they do not have the right to express something the mob does not feel right. The news channels had only one topic, on which expert opinion were asked and the twitter feed were filled with trolls corning  the situation, supporting or condemning the views of the influential.

oday  I even don’t remember why  was the hue and cry started, in the first time, but the aftermath of the word ‘intolerance’ and the debates and opinions and tensions that followed it,  is surely inscribed in my head. I was thrown a 15 marks question in the semester exams on the word ‘intolerance ‘which I was flabbergasted to see( as I thought it was not so important,  a thing to discuss) and eventually had to satisfied with the passing marks.  I just remembered some actors were accused of being anti national and the awards were returned like apparel in exchange sale.  Nevertheless, the catch was the half of the country was still ignorant of the tumult created by the new emerged word in the socio political scenario. (Though while today I Google it, to write this piece,  it points to the mob lynching that occurred in that year on the beef matter. )


What I want to say today, or rather want to ask is where this ‘intolerance’ is disappeared today. Where has the feeling of being intolerant against inhumane activities vanished, when it is most required? However, it brought out no result 2 years before also, except giving the media a new burning topic to act for. At least the topic was spoken about.

Today Teenagers are being brutally killed and lynched as per their personal mood, immense inhumane cruelty   is being showered in the name of ‘ gau raksha’in the wake of cow protectionism . innocent minorities are beaten to death, houses being burnt and traders hanged alive. The mob is violent like hell, lynching and beating teenagers in the name of petty issues.



Why are the awards not being returned? Why is the administration doing nothing to curb the wide spread injustice ? Why are the self proclaimed ‘ Gau rakshaks’ being given such liberty to take lives of innocents on their insecure doubts and apprehensions? Is only trolling, commenting and hashtaging  ‘xyz’ solve the injustice? It’s time the social media savvy who are sitting and imposing their views on different scenarios  , do something that really has any affect( by this i mean people who are powerful enough to control or influence the mob) and the politician who are using their campaign stage to show their displeasure regarding mob’s activities perform their duties to stop them,  in the real world.

If the country is really going in the wake of intolerance again , something need to be done.

The beauty of love… ♥♥♥♥♥


Sometimes what we see helps us understand things clearer more than what we feel around us or what we listen to. Media is a very good tool to feel things, feelings and places, which we do not come across in reality. Whether it is the stubbornness to have the same designer clothes as the actor is wearing, or the fire to work hard to build the similar palace for oneself as in the television, it shows various things, humans in reality cannot and would not imagine and wish to have. However, the media sows in us the desire to have things, which we may not feel the need of.

Similarly often media helps us understand the simple joys of life and its significance which we fail to notice, racing behind worldly chores. One of them is the gift of love and the momentary existence of wealth in our lives.  Where watching being loved on screen makes me feel warm and glad, money and wealth brings a lump in my throat and wrinkles on my forehead.  I‘ll explain why…

I was watching the finale of a web series last night where the family in the show being troubled in their respective lives come together at the end, finding happiness among each other. There were wealthy, successful, yet unhappy living reclusive .Those particular 10 mins filled me with the gratitude for the family and friends I have and of course with the love they shower upon. I belong to a middle class family, I do not flaunt Caprese bag or sleep on a round bed, but I am fortunate enough that I have friends to laugh off my worries with  and loving parents to share my troubles with. Fortunate and lucky that I am greeted with a warm smile when I come home driving all way from my office and I am woken up with a kiss planted on my temple by my father.

I feel inspired to work hard and struggle to steer ahead in life when I see people living a luxurious life, but many a times the coldness of that wish, to acquire wealth eats up the mental piece. There are moments when it feels that chuck! the money, the wealth, all I need is a loving family and nothing else. The strain of running behind those pieces of paper called money, which drive the world seems so small and insignificant in front of the massive power of love. When I see love all around, happiness and sweet fights, the smiles and glowing faces,  the warmth of belongingness engulfs the air spreading across smiles and joy.


I eventually come to a standstill and realize that it is only love and happiness that the human lives for. Of course, money is important but is eventually secondary, a means to acquire happiness and love.

Love is free, unconditional and pure, and then it does not matters where it oozes and from where. Just looking forward to someone who loves you, brings a tingling smile.  A thought of meeting our old friends or cousins, attending reunions and gatherings gives much more happiness than buying oneself an expensive gift, undoubtedly. The reason, the presence of ‘love’.

Once in a while, brush aside all other apprehensions, necessities  and greed and think of the magic of love, spreading across you amidst all the chaos of life, the race for wealth and arms of  living a ‘ prosperous’ life.

The benefits of the so-called ‘useless’ Facebook

Those adults who are inactive and not so addicted to this social networking site called Facebook, must have felt that Mark Zuckerberg has done the worst thing by creating this nuisance which is eating away a lot of valuable time of their children. After the smartphones have revolutionised the planet, accessing Facebook is a matter of few clicks. And it won’t be wrong to say that we are all knowingly or unknowing smitten by it. Though it’s a different matter altogether, if we post on our walls or not.

Haan so coming to the point, I was saying that some tiny percentage of people may think it as a waste, but many times I feel that Facebook is not  less than a miracle in this fast paced world,  but of course  for people who use it wisely. Using Facebook for a balanced duration, not only keep us updated of the matters around the world, but also suffice the inability of keeping in touch with everybody personally. There are lots of our friends on Facebook,  on  average  almost everyone whom we have met once in our lives, who have been a part of our lives somewhere. But as the time passes the contact goes. As it is said, ‘out of sight out of mind’, and this is what happens with people. As soon as our meetings decreases, our communication too fades away somewhere. Slowly we lose contact and finally that person remains a memory in our minds, not knowing where on earth they are and not knowing what exactly is going on in each other’s lives. It happens rare, that after some years when we accidentally bump into each other, we come to know what’s going on in each other’s life.(long after the event is not new anymore). The communication by letters and messages have lost gone, and WhatsApp and, Facebook has taken its place.


It has been 13 years since Facebook was launched, and I must say it has still not lost its charm (Many, including me still spend a lot of time  on it). It was just yesterday that I saw a post on Facebook wherein one of my friend( with whom I had lost contact after my High school) , had announced her marriage. On Facebook. I wished her, which I would have never done, had it not been this site. And the other day another one had just landed his dream job. I know now, that the backbencher who I didn’t think was worthy of my notes(pardon me for this ) is a white collar official today.(Envious but motivating).  Some are among those group of people who were very close to me at one point of time, being a integral part. But as the time passed, not only did we forgot each other, but the memories too fade away. But thanks to Facebook, its like reliving those times. often while scrolling through our timelines  we get a chance to interact, and this becomes the icebreakers.  Not forgetting the birthday wishes from people long lost.

The best part is , it may happen that a person who was your school buddy, has all grown up  with a matured appearance,( so much that you may not even remember the old one)  just open their profile and voila!, his latest  profile update is  here. Now you can be saved by a embarrassing moment of not being able to recognize each other, if you ever meet. see good na!

Okay now some serious stuffs. Just ‘like’ some good informative pages, and you are done with knowing everything from beauty secrets, to cooking tips,knowledgeable stuffs, examination tips  from international news to Bollywood gossip and of course live updates, even before it is formally announced.

you are looking for a job? want to share your talent? just join various Facebook groups, and you are done with it.. It is as simple.

There are many things one can do on Facebook and be benefited by it , that too in a  very short time. the need is only to be aware of the features it offers, and not get tempted by wasting your time on it.(that’s the only disadvantage, I feel it has. It can drain a lot of your time, without you can even know.)

Anyway, i ‘ll leave it to your wisdom, as to how do you use it. But as of now, wishing Facebook a very happy 13th birthday.)

May you have a lot of interesting things to surf on FB.

Fatal arms of depression.

I was flipping through the newspaper one fine morning when my phone rang, my friend on the other side had called to inform me that one of my schoolmate had committed suicide.. I went numb. He was the most cheerful guy of the class., always cracking jokes and starting a laughter riot. With a feeling of despair, I returned to my newspaper only to be saddened more by the news of a Mumbai lad who  committed suicide by jumping from a  hotel window. He was studying in one of the most reputed college of the city and was believed to be a good student. A quote by a psychologist below the news story read “depression is eating up the young generation today”.

In the past recent months, depression is a topic which is being touched quite seriously and frequently. According to a study , every 20 out of 100 youth is suffering from depression, a hidden fatal disease. After Deepika Padukon, an Indian actress spoke about it last year, it has bounced back to being discussed with much attention. Depression is a slow mental illness, which is received with  raised eyebrows and murmurs in the place of sympathy or care as in other diseases. She is mad? is what people say. A smiling face, a calm demeanour may be hiding a  depressed soul and thousand hands pressing him deep down to his  own problems.

Depression is not easily identifiable. a patient stops talking ,socializing or even sleeping or eating on time. Mostly it is termed as being arrogant, careless and rude. Young people with a great career and a promising  future  awaiting  before them just kill themselves. In a matter of a second, a future leader , or doctor or an engineer becomes a past.


It is very sad and disheartening to see youth , who are the future of the nation, the torch bearers of the development  ending their lives. with the increasing competition, money greed and the superficial lives of the social media, the man today is  living more in a artificial life rather than enjoying it. Admist all these, the young generation who are more vulnerable to all these aspects, , are  retreating themselves under their own shells, marred by insecurity, failures and lack of personal touch. A person may look rich and happy, but his heart may be lonely and poor. the outward appearance never shows the wounds beneath. the materialistic development has reduced the tolerance and patience  power of the people , they give up easily and as a result commit suicide.


The need of the hour is talking about it as much as we can. earning the trust of the depressed that he can confide in us their problems which can be talked upon and solved. To treat it as a temporary illness and disease which can be cured with love and care. Its just about bringing them back from the darkness by showing them a little light. Standing against depression and suicide, thereby standing with life and hope.

रंग भर जाओ …..

एक रहता है इंतज़ार शाम ढलने का, की तुम आओ
अपनी प्यारी सी मुस्कान के साथ मुझे बुलाओ
दिन तो कट जाते है, राह तकते तुम्हारे
की रात की वीरानियों में तुम रौशनी बिखराओ।

कुछ बातें होती है दिल में, कहने की
हम ठहरते है दिल थामे की तुम ध्यान लगाओ
कुछ मेरी, कुछ तुम्हारी दास्ताँ के बीच
कुछ हमारी भी बातें तुम बनाओ

जब कदम खींच लाए मुझे तुम्हारे पास
करीब आ कर धीरे से कान में कुछ गुनगुनाओ
दो शब्द ही बोल दो प्यार से
और न मन हो तो बस दूर से ही मुस्कुराओ।

थक कर जब में सोफे पर सूस्ताऊ
पास बिठा कर अपने मेरे बालों को सहलाओ
मैं छुप जाऊ तुम्हारे आगोश में
और तुम धीरे से मुझे सुलाओ।

जब चढ़ना चाहूं ऊँचाई पे अपने सपनो के पीछे
बस साथ खड़े रह कर, पीछे से हाथ बढ़ाओ
अगर रुक जाऊ कभी लड़खड़ा कर राह में
हाथों में हाथ रख मुझे राह दिखाओ।

सब कुछ तो है मेरे पास अभी
बस एक ख्वाइश है कि, तुम आओ और मेरे हो जाओ।

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