Bachpan k din kitne haseen hote hai na…sirf khelna kudna aur masti karna..koi fikr hi nai koi uljhan hi nai..bas time se padho khelo aur chen se so jao…bahar khelte ek befikra bache ko dekha,wo kitna mast aur careless tha bina koi tension ke.khelte khelte wo gir pada.utha dhool jhada aur chal diya..
kitna acha hota na agar hum bhi apne jakhm itni hi asani se bhul k aage bad jate…sochiye zara…:)



Everyone makes a new year resolution every year,
and i think these should be particularly present in them 😉
1. treat others as u like to be treated…
2..make urself more stronger..
3. learn something new every moment..
4.face ur fears..

good luck..make ur resolutions and implement them too…:)

everything is good..

Lookiing at the glass as ,half filled or half empty is a very good criteria to judge a person perspective towards ones has been two years,since,my perspective changed to positive the condition is such that i feel all that happens is for good;.and leaves a message in everything; anything happening which is good or bad is for good and gives us lots of message and experience for coming life. i read a story relating to this when i was a child .Its about akbar and birbal. once akbar accidently cut his finger.He showed this to birbal to which birbal replied”everything is for good maharaj,it must be good for you too…”.akbar got very angry and banished him from the kingdom.after some days akbar went for chance he lost his way and landed in a tribals community where they were getting ready to sacrifice a human for appeasing the god,and caught akbar for the same.but when one of them noticed his cut finger they released him saying they cannot sacrifice a defective human.akbar remembered birbal’s words and realised birbal was right…

we should always live with a thought that everthing happens for something good,…:-)  

happy new year

hey guys,
we start a new year…
make this year a little better,a little happier and a little healthier…
make new resolutions and new promises..
live life to the fullest so that when you look back to 2014, the next year it gives you satisfaction and immense happiness…:) happy new year…

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