Success makes a person so happy, everybody around gleams in joy...I am very happy today....I am happy because I have done something that is making my loved ones so proud and happy,...kisi ne sahi hi dusro ko khushi deke Bantu khushi multi hai.I would always try to do things such wud make my family... Continue Reading →

save our nation

sometimes I feel how does our country works under such awful government.. it seems as if there are no systems or rules regarding their working...anyone does anything,behave like goons,strip off their dresses and what not and if nothing else then walk away like nothing has happened..most of the time they are just pinpointing others mistakes... Continue Reading →

how does a life just changes in a seconds a flick of a moment it just takes a u turn..and u just cannot recollect the gone things....a moment before u feel u have life all happiness and the next moment,u dread aur thought.....I lost a very dear frnd in one of the horrible and... Continue Reading →

fashion tips…

Hey guys... how are u once a week I will give all some fashion here I go.... let's start with home tips... whenever we are at home we feel like being light and fresh...for that it is necessary to wear something that is not only comfortable but also here are some tips...... Continue Reading →

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