Bad days are really bad?

Whenever  we face any tough time,or a rainy day,we forget  that the sun is ready to rise the in the next few minutes. It is said na, the darker is the night,the brighter will be the day next….it seems only bookish but is really a reality if we experience is similar to the quote that unless u fail, you will never know the value of victory..

 I will tell u an example, my mother often used to go out of station,leaving me and my sister to handle the house. I don’t know y but my sister was never interested in helping me.At first I was very angry and depressed,but slowly I realised that she has done very good by not helping me.Because today I m expert at doing all my household work efficiently; unlike her who is not..

I realised that God gives us hundred opportunities to make yourself best and complete our purpose happily…:-) 


” Hard Work pays off”

Everyone wants success.but not everyone is ready to toil for it.if u work hard u may feel there is no use and I am just wasting my time.But it really pays off, in one of the other way.

I was one like that person,but nowI realised that success has no shortcuts.u cannot win without loosing and without sweating for that winning.

Everything takes time and you should try to do your best in everything u do….u will positively get good results.,…

And after al. BHAGWAN TO HAI HI….:-) 🙂




gaano ki duniya


गानो कि अपनी ही अलग दुनिया होती है। अलग अलग गानो ई धुनें और बोल आपको खीच के उनकी दुनिया में ले जाते है। कुछ धुनें आपको किसी अपने कि khaas  ki याद  दिल देते है या किसी घटना या समय मेंlले जाते है जो आपने कभी जिया होगा। इन गानो का इतना प्रभ होता है कि आपके मूड ही नै स्वास्थ पर भी बहुत अच्छा असर डालता है। सदियों से संगीत और गायन का उपयोग अपने मनोरंजन के साथ भगवान कि आराधना के लिए भी काम में लाया जाता है .जरा सोचिये और try कीजिये, बस जब भी आपका मूड ख़राब हो या गुस्सा आ रहा हो बस अपना पसंदीदा गाना लगाइये और फिर देखिये गानो का करिश्माई जादू। 

कुछ गाने ऐसे होते है जैसे वो सिर्फ आपके लिए हे बने हो,आपकी दिल का हाल सुन्दर शब्दो में पिरो देते है। या फिर किसी ऐसे समय में खीच के ले जाते है जब आपके साथ कुछ ख़ास हुआ हो। एकदम से वो बीता हुआ समः आपके सामने हाज़िर हो जाता है 

आपके साथ भी हुआ होगा न ऐसा?। तो फिर जाइये Imageकुछ पुराने ख़ास गाने सुनिये और अपने अतीत के हसीं पन्नो को वापस जी लीजिये 🙂 🙂 🙂  

Happy holi….

Hey guys…..holi Mubarak

Holi is a festival of colours and full masti…. you all know y is India so special because the festivals here are very special,enchanting and joyful where the whole country celebrates together… but many a times some people do not enjoy fully.n one of them is holi.they do not feel like playing and gets locked in rooms which is really very bad….

U know these festivals are a time to to change ourselves and rejuvenate ….

So if u get a chance just break all rules, have fun with ur dear ones and play a blasting and safe holi….kya pata KAL HO NA HO….


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