Friends family and our relationships....really matters a does there just presence changes the aroma around u....had a long talk with a old friend after a very long time.felt so good and so fresh....People are really important in life,they not only make u happy but even walk with u in hard times!!!!!which unfortunately gadgets cannot..Just... Continue Reading →


It is indeed true,that we value those things more when it has gone away and that too after we loose it. We do not value it during its originality n end up loosing it only to later such  people is our mothers.she is the only person who is after us every moment and every... Continue Reading →

are choices really important

when i was in school, i was pretty bright student.i got great marks,was teachers pet and had a good reputation and status,so when passed out the expectations towards me was quite high.i was supposed to reach heights and do something extraordinary good.but i had something else in mind.i always wanted to do something that is... Continue Reading →

No matter you a…

No matter you agree or not,whatever happens it is always for good....if u try to understand its reason behind, life would be much more simpler, easier and enjoyable...:-)


If we think normally,Sunday is a week day as normal as others.people chill out ,visit places and students rest.Sunday is a free day for people,they enjoy n refresh..but this same 'Sunday' is boon to service people....those who have 9-5 job really know the value of a Sunday...the whole week we wait for this sunday like... Continue Reading →


What is luck??Everyone has a different definition of being lucky.In a social program,the anchor asked the audience if anyone of them feel themself lucky? None but one small teenager raised her hand.she  declared that she feels she is the most lucky person around.she looked ordinary and  wore ordinary clothes.There was nothing very special about her... Continue Reading →


India is looking forward to I present a small poemIndia is the biggest democracy,It is said it is a decade long legacy,Here the people have right to vote  and choose,Those who are unfit are bound to loose.But democracy u see is only  in the name,Money n show are only the game,Before u vote u... Continue Reading →

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