What is luck??

Everyone has a different definition of being lucky.

In a social program,the anchor asked the audience if anyone of them feel themself lucky? None but one small teenager raised her hand.she  declared that she feels she is the most lucky person around.she looked ordinary and  wore ordinary clothes.There was nothing very special about her as a whole.but she seemed very happy.the anchor asked y did she find herself so happy and lucky.her answer left the audience dumbstruck. She replied”I am lucky that I am alive today. I am 20 years old, and with perfect body except a amounted arm,I am lucky that  i am in one peice,i have no big disease to die from,i have clothes to wear,house to live and food to eat,clear assesible water to drink and sunlight to play.I have wonderful parents whom I am born to,I have caring and loving family who also help me in difficult times.I got amazing upbringing,with perfect siblings to play with,nice school near to my house,helpful friends a nice college.I have had no major mishap till now and god is always with me.I can roam about freely and dance as I wish.I can walk,play sleep and study on my own.I can do anything and live my life under the shade of security and happiness.I have some dreams but I know those will be fulfilled if I strive to achieve it.I am not sage but I am satisfied and’ lucky’ that I am capable to see dreams..”


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