If we think normally,Sunday is a week day as normal as others.people chill out ,visit places and students rest.Sunday is a free day for people,they enjoy n refresh..but this same ‘Sunday’ is boon to service people….those who have 9-5 job really know the value of a Sunday…the whole week we wait for this Sunday like water in oasis,without which really you can’t survive.

Earlier when was a school student,I used to miss my school on Sunday .I missed my friends n class.and when my sister who used to do a job, said often that dont disturb,I ma utilizing my Sunday I was surprised as to wat is in sunday to enjoy.but today wen I work,I realize the value of ‘Sunday’ .when like everybody I just say…SUNDAY KAB HAI….

I wish Sunday came every other day,remained for a little longer….

Ha ha ..enjoy ur Sunday…:-)


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