Troubles are for everyone.

I was just going through the epics of we Hindus “The Mahabharat” and “The Ramayana”, and i noticed a very important and noticeable things; we worship and respect the characters described in our epics and we think they are God n there is nothing impossible or difficult for them to do..but one thing is there which we do not realize or look upon and that is their troubles they took before making themselves a ‘God’ in our eyes…they have indeed faced millions of troubles and hardships before being victorious or leading a peaceful lives…lets take a look in some of them..

1. First lets talk about our lord Ram..he was a very nice man. and we worship immensely  all over the world.but if we ponder we will know he lived a very difficult life.he was the eldest of all his siblings and had a lovely family.after he was old enough to handle his fathers kingdoms he was sent for 14 years to jungle as his step mother wanted so..during this tenure he lost his father and goddess Sita, his wife was abducted by demon ravana. it took a lot of time for him to freed her. after she was freed they came back to their kingdom beacuse sita was accused of being ‘apavitra’ or unpure and she left all of them for ever….the great lord rama also had lots of sorrows and sadness to bear, but it was his virtues and preaching, which he followed in hard times for which he is worshiped till date..

2. Next is lord krishna or kanha or kanhaiya…he has  many names and a synonym of perfect child..he did many great deeds in his childhood helping his village people ..he was born in captivity and had been tried to kill several times since his birth and was brought up another people.he was very naughty but fought many big negative powers…the worst thing happening to him was his  love failure(which his the biggest distraction  in todays youth).he loved radha another goddess,immensely but they could not marry each other..the relatonship of radha and krishna is still seen as a epitome of true love..he was forced to guide his freind ‘arjuna’ in mahabharata war to kill his own people….etc..his hardships also continues like his tales..

3. Not forgetting the great lord buddha or prince siddharth who left his house and luxury at a very tender age to search and seek peace and light, purpose of his life…

No one can be ever free from troubles and is our problems which makes us stronger in our life ways..even gods were not spared from hardships, failure problems and how can we ask for problem free life.???.

we  worship them for their courage, stability and virtues maintained by them in their sad times and this is what we should follow.after all




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