The known strangers…..:-)

Many a times we meet some people who does not make a change in our life, neither do they affect us in anyway but indeed make a mark in our memory whom we are never able to forget….And I too experienced this in a very unfashionable way..the people I her had no linking too me but surely made a mark and place in some corner of my mind and heart..I happened to go to Mumbai n had to wait at the station for 6 hours… it is a really long span time to spend in a congested waiting room and that too almost alone, I was with my dad but we had nothing important to talk or pass my time, so in such time the strangers of the waiting room helped me pas my time…. the people I want to mention were a trio of boys and amusingly of different age groups. One had given his 10 Th, other 12 th n the eldest of them was a engineering student. Very cooperative and decent guys….I was playing bingo with a kid there, who was otherwise irritating his mom; which gave those boys as well, a source of passing their time. So our interaction started there, when I just watched them trying to play bingo(which they played all wrong)…so they switched to playing dumsharads….( a very interesting guessing game).being very thoughtful they invited me to play with them, but being a limitless introvert I denied.they played quite well n then I too joined them…. n unbelievable it was….I really enjoyed very much.had never thought 6 hours wud pass so fast… the end we had to break end to our game as our respective trains was scheduled in few minutes…. I bid them goodbye smiling…..but they still lingere in my mind…..

kabhi kabhi ajnabi log bhi kitne yadgaar pal de jate hai…….:-)


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