We do care!!

The youth of today is considered very self centered revolving around themselves,their money, their status, power their reputation their gadgets,their country;is it??is the youth today considerate about their country?
Indeed they are,. We may not go to siachin to fight for the Nation; we may not sacrifice like bhagat Singh…but we do care for the country we do love our country…
When there is a match with Pakistan we do leave our work to cheer up our India.we get happy to pinpoint politicians because they are ruining our country…we do vote so that our India becomes a better place to live in..,
Patriotism is not only about fighting for the nation, it is also fighting in the nation ; for the nation….attending flag hoisting is patriotism ,worrying for nation and expecting it to change is patriotism….respecting our nation with all its odd is patriotism ..and celebrating the national festival with same zeal n enthusiasm is patriotism…
We youth may not show but we do care for our nation….



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