Down the memory lane

It is often said, past just gives u sorrow n sadness. It pulls u into a road which just gives u pain….is it true?well…..not always true. It sometimes takes u to path of happiness and sweet smiles.

I got a chance to visit my old school; that school which I had left 15 years ago n never again got a chance to visit.reliving my childhood my schooldays n all the joys circling it. I saw myself sitting in the class chatting with my friends , singing prayer songs with folded hands and running in the playground..
I went around the whole school walking with a shine in my eyes and a curiousty to see the changes that has occurred over the years.
The mess we went to eat in,our classes,dusty blackboard, bushes trees everyone just seemed so lovely.I continue giving running commentary yo my sister.
“Here I waited for my rickshaw, this was my lunch area,  here we went to swim……;etc “… I just could not stop admiring my school I left years ago..
All days like just started floating before my eyes as if it a thing of yesterday..some places had undergone some changes but could not distract my happiness.
It was a one hour visit and made me highly nostalgic to end with and completely made my day
The school still runs successfully and I wish it enlightens other kid’s life as it did my and some another divya enjoys visiting it again…

“So am I not right to say that past do brings happiness!!!  🙂 :)”


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