Life is not what it seems…..

I am a cs and people appreciate me from being lucky to be so, but do I feel the same?…

I had thought I should be now happy and gay,
I felt so proud when congrats;was what people would say.
I have achieved my goal,from far it did seem,
I am accomplished to have it ,as if it was my only dream.
But alas,the reality is different which no one can see,
The inside story is something which is known only to me.
I may be lucky to for the honour I have got,
For which people like me have constantly fought.

I should be satisfied on the place I stand,
but there is always a feeling in me that I am in no man’s land.
I don’t know what I am doing and where am I destined to go,
Just watching my precious time passing by in a row.
There are hundred of thoughts constantly going on my mind
I am totally messed and there is no way I can find.
I really wanna way out of this quirky mess,
At least to see a clearer path towards my goal and nothing else….”


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