Pillars of happy life



“In a village, it has not rained for two seasons. The crop was drying and the farmers were very worried as a reason for this. They decided to worship lord for rains. In this whole segment, the most astonishing thing for them was a small boy  who came with  an umbrella, when they had accumulated for the prayers.

He had ‘FAITH’ that Lord will listen to their prayers and ‘HOPE’ that he will listen very soon.”

Faith and hope are two pillars of a happy and satisfied life. Faith that whatever is happening or happens or is destined in our lives, is only for something good. It has some meaning and purpose in the walks of life in future ahead. Faith on the Power you worship that he will do everything good and will not let you suffer alone for anything unnecessary. Faith that you are his children and he never wants to see you unhappy. If you feel something wrong is going on in your life, it may be your own mistake for which you are being punished.

Sometimes it happens that it is now impossible for you to endure that pain, that difficulty and in that moment you just pray to him for a way out. And he does……he surely does. And here, after your prayer FAITH is the belief that the next couple of events are a way out for your difficulty. He may not fully take you out of that problem but will surely give you a way out, give you strength to face your barrier and to come out of it with triumph.Hope is also a welcome path of faith. You will have faith only when you have a hope…

Hope; another very strong pillar of a happy life…I believe that the world runs by hope. Hope that everything will be good. Hope that one day you will reach your destination. Hope that u will meet good people in your life..Hope that todays day will be good..It wont be wrong to say that everybody lives with a hope. take for example; no one knows if we will be able to get up  the next morning or not but we still arrange our things for the next day, fix up appointments. this is hope.

Hope that if today was bad tomorrow will be good and so on…

A person who has Hope and Faith in life do not get sad by failures or hardships..are  always positive and leads a better, a happier life …..

Just include a pinch of faith and hope in your lives and see its changing colors….



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