I wish

In our lives there are so many ‘I wish’….

I wish I had that red dress,

I wish I could dine in that luxury hotel,

I wish I could meet obama..

I wish I had that mobile which my neighbor has,

If its not ending here,

Take a look at these,

I wish I was younger,

I wish my dad had not died,

I wish I had learnt cooking in my youth,

I wish my friend had not left me,

I wish I had a better childhood

I wish I had studied properly..

Our wish list is so long that sometimes it exceeds are pulse rate…

We don’t stop wishing even for things we know, we wud never get…..things which has long gone, never to come back. Because it is a habit.

It is said an unsatisfied man is the unhappy one. A beggar can be the happiest person alive and a king can be the most unhappy. And the thing that makes them so is “SATISFACTION’

If you are satisfied, you are surely happy, and as on…

So This Is the secret; if you want to be happy; learn to be happy with whatever u have and of course a belief that something available to you is the best you can have…

Good Luck..


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