Nature… in words.


Earth’s Décor-Nature    

Nature has its own attractive way,

Infusing Beauty

Reflecting in the moon’s light and the morning sun rays

In the brooks, trees plants and bushes

Also look the way, water in the stream rushes.

The hills, dunes and mountains standing high

Wrestling with the wind and then settling on a tie

See the birds, chicks, their wings and beaks

A different language u can hear them speak

The colors in the sky resembling an artist’s palette

Shades of the sun dancing in a beautiful ballet

You cannot ignore the sunset on the far west

How mesmerizing and divine it seems from the rest

Oh! Hear the cow’s moo eating the grass green

Can such calmness anywhere else be seen?

Catch hold the cold mist, take in the dawn breeze,

Of the time when cuckoo coos and lovers tease

The sand, & the sea, the water in the beautiful beach

The feeling of love and her cheeks turning peach

The baby and its play, the boat on a rainy day

It’s all so astonishing I have millions of praises to say

After all nature shows its marvelous ways

From silvery moonlight to morning rays….


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