Try again until you suceed

I had started this blog to showcase my writing skills, however I did not put in extra efforts to publicize it. There are people who like my articles , but do not comment anything so that I know if its good or not.this led to me ignoring it, although I knew that writing continuously is the key to my improvement.. people say that  it is very necessary that you keep on writing every day …..practice makes a man  perfect.

I often didn’t write anything as I went out of ideas. But then thought  how can writing ideas can come to an end especially when the writer is a reader and the world is full of ideas. But of course everyone . Need s an inspiration. And so I decided to write daily. But this killing lazyness kills my mood. . For today’s inspiration I read a young bloggers post in a magazine and guess what, it was about a very natural and normal event in her life in which her brother motivates him to enjoy her life. I was surprised to see that this can also become a post. Farhan Akhtar too spoke in a interview that he used to write something everyday before finalising the script of ‘Dil chahta hai’….

I think this is enough inspiration for me too…

What do u think 😦


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