Every write up should have a title , which is absent in my case. The problem is I dont know what should be its title.here I want to talk about people, about the mentality and the things i feel is unfair.

There are several  types of professions, people follow to earn their living , in most of them the efforts and hard work is the same ; but its sad to see that the treatment people get are far from fair. the most perfect example comes of politicians and film stars. See I am no less.. why do I call them star. actors I meant. So they act , sing and dance for us. No doubt its a tough job, but whose job is not tough? walk on the street; You will see a labourer pushing weights on wheel barrow thrice their weight, are their jobs easy? A person pulling a hand rickshaw is happy  to do so?  the labourers toil in the sun the whole day and get meager payments enough to sustain their living for a day . On the other hands, the actors act under the sun (if anytime) for a hour and  they get  amounts which  enough for them to enjoy  year or so. Is it not unfair?

Of course this is the difference of being educated and uneducated (which many actors are not) . but there should be a limit as to how a  particular class of people is treated. They do their jobs and so the others, but  these actors are the most over-rated professionals.  If we talk about the politicians; I dont  even want to comment on them ,as may be I will be arrested If I keep my  negative views.  We live in a democracy, but are not allowed to point our views which we think are necessary for the governing bodies to know. What democracy is this?

Manual scavengers  are known to  be the lowest class of people because they perform a job; none of us would like to do. and this should be the reason they must get their due respect. I pity the porters, and waiters.. They do the double  work;  we normal people perform and are the most disrespected…

The hard work to build a store are done by the masons and workers and the public, but ironically applauds are  for the politicians inaugurating it. Is it fair?

There are millions of such examples where people are not treated as they should be,their efforts are not appreciated and accounted.

These things pinch my heart and i wish I would be able to bring about a change…

Good luck !


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