Life is a form of endless journey.It goes on  and on. in day and in  night, through weeks and months.It may stop for you but not for the world.And if it stops for you , you are dead. Life is actually an unknown journey.in the inception you are handed over some important things to survive viz family and basic necessity and then you have to add on to move ahead. Through plains , terrains, mountains and beaches, it just continues. It brings you joy , happiness sorrows and festivity and still goes on. Many people join you and many leave you , but then only you meet your soul mate.

In this unknown journey called life, many a times you come across situations when you feel the door in front of you is closed or the path is taking you to a wrong destination.It is actually a test; a live test which is taken to see if you are eligible to go further in your path. If you steer your path correctly, you can make through the difficult situation, and succeed; otherwise the destiny abandons you there.

Whenever you step a foot  forward towards your desires, there are numerous cuffs holding your steps.This is a crucial time.A point to scuffle through your priorities ;to decide which part of your life is more important then your step ahead. Whatever you do , you should always have the main goal of your life in  acorner of your heart.your  main destination should not diminish away.It should always shine  aloud to be remembered. After all its you who have to embark your ultimate journey towards it.


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