Childhood is that limited time frame in the life of an individual which never comes back. The fun and the innocence of the childhood period is cherished through our entire life .But, ironically there are several kids who in turn, attempt to loose the childhood bliss to mint money. Today every channel on the television have child artist employed with them. Whether it’s junior version of  reality shows, or daily soaps, children are equally working with the grown ups. A five year old who should be running around swings and playing with toys at this age, is busy getting decked up and getting ready for the camera. The sets and make up are their friends rather than puzzles and dolls. Long shooting schedules, irregular timings and glamour diverts their attention from education and school; they miss the school life, its fun and its innocent upbringing. Being adjusted to glitz and showbiz, greed for making money easily, is inculcated in them and the importance of education diminishes in their minds. Hectic shooting hours and rigorous rehearsals exhausts them, snatching away their ‘play’ time; an equally important ingredient in a child’s overall development.

The star kids, particularly their parents should realize that they have their whole life to work and make money. But they only have few years to live their life freely and peacefully without the worries of the world. Their innocent childhood should not be encroached by the rejections and heart break of the ruthless showbiz. They should not voluntarily turn into a ‘sophisticated’ CHILD LABOUR.


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