Travelling is a life changing experience. From setting foot on the train to stepping off, the learning experience goes on. The tracks of the train never meet, but it is because it wants to drop their passengers safely to their own destination, near their loved ones. To a place where their lives gets a new meaning.

A journey is like a new phase, a new beginning to life’s saga. The acquaintances changes from family and friends to strangers and unknown people, with whom unknowingly we create a lovely

Talking to the co-passengers is always a enlightening experience.owing to the dangers today its also a frightening one. We come across a series of new people, new ways. Many a times they  are responsible to give us life experiences which we cherish for ages.

Sometimes a journey lingers in our minds for some uncertain and sour experiences, but remains in our hearts for a happy , memorable instances. some characters give us life lessons and some a memory to smile forever.

The life’s luxury ‘Yaadein’


Vendors are the most important aspect of the train journey. My life seems more lucky and colorful when we see them wandering around the trains  in the scorching sun and rain to sell a variety of products for mere hundred of rupees which are actually their 2 time meal source. Ranging from small kids to elderly less fortunate people, everyone has their own tale to tell. “Papi pet ka sawal hai” they say. I feel sad for people who come before me  with big bags in their hands filled with stuffs and deep expectations in  their eyes. I cannot buy everything na.!images (2)

They say train journey is a cumbersome route to travel. But it is a moment for our own insight. To peep into our own selves. To feel gratitude for our lives as compared to the other sad souls around.

A journey different from our own boring lives, to enjoy the nature around the tracks  and an excitement of a new place to visit.

Zindagi ek safar hai, kaun kaha ja ke ruke; kya pata.



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