Live in the moment.

I am always keen to write, and I really like it. But many a times I am lazy enough not  to pick my pen to write. Writing something and jotting down my thoughts is nice. It helps me understand myself, and helps in my self evaluation, but I write with a wish, that my writings do something good to anybody who reads it. It may be a single person but surely someone out there, who has a moment of happiness because of me.

Here I am talking about something which everyone goes through, in one point of time. I just finished reading Chetan Bhagat’s  “Five Point Someone” , and it’s not at all a book review. I know it’s very late to talk about it as it is a very old book, but u know na its better late than never. And a thought occurred in my mind .y do we miss those things later in our lives which we once hated to live through. We at that time craved to come out of that situation. But when it gets finished a feeling of vacuum creeps in our life…

For instance our school days, just take your mind to that period. Waking up early morning for school, and the torturing hours of books and lectures. How much we hated that and how can one ever forget those days. But the day of farewell is indeed the most painful, when we realize that a phase is about to get over and may be would never come back. We have the excitement of entering the college, but the amazing schools days are missed each second. I can write manuscripts on the precious things school gave us. Here the matter is different. Memories….


I often wonder that why does we mostly dislike the present situation we live in? And miss it later. And the answer lies in the fact that we do not enjoy our present moment. Our lives goes on but a ‘I wish’ tag always remains in our mind , in our thought .it just does not go away. A thought of better days, better things and different situation. A longingness always remains in mind; how much we may be successful , and this what takes us down and depressed.

 It is needed that we live happily with whatever we have presently, and then work for what we desire.


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