होली जो थी समय के पार

आज के वक़्त  वाट्सएप्प मैसेज और डीजे के बीट्स पर थिरकते हुए होली मानाने के बीच में हमारे अपने बचपन की होली गम सी गयी है. बचपन के होली का अलग  ही मज़ा था। एक हफ्ते ;पहले से ही होली की तयारियां शुरू हो जाती थी।  पिचकारिय चल रही है की नहीं , गुलाल कौन... Continue Reading →

You can do it!

In a small village there were two friends. One of them was a 6 year old boy whereas the other was 10 years old. There were the best of friends and did everything together. Going to school together and playing together, eating, laughing, enjoying together. The whole village knew of their friendship. One day they... Continue Reading →

A Thing called auto Rickshaw

A three wheeler Samaritan of the masses, rickshaws are the lifeline of today’s cities. In a scenario where inflation is at its peak and petrol prices are competing with gold to reach at the top of the most expensive product, autos are the only hope for the non car owners. People have no option for... Continue Reading →

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