A Thing called auto Rickshaw


A three wheeler Samaritan of the masses, rickshaws are the lifeline of today’s cities. In a scenario where inflation is at its peak and petrol prices are competing with gold to reach at the top of the most expensive product, autos are the only hope for the non car owners. People have no option for autos as Buses which are mostly overcrowded are difficult to commute in ours is a fast faced life  and at this way of life .Where each inch of the rods are packed with vehicles auto rickshaws are the saviors. These miraculous 3 wheeler have an uncanny ability to swerve through narrow streets and congested lanes. Whatever be the situation. This no bone like flexibility of the rickshaw steering through leaves you amazed at the speed it can twist and turn to push in the rickshaw in to the traffic. You just cannot miss the pinching yourself when you feel that the wheel is just about to fall into a ditch and the other second viola! The rickshaw is again racing on the roads. A rickshaw undoubtedly gives tough competition to the other motor vehicles with its speed and radius. It is the mode of livelihood for the hundreds of rickshaw drivers around. You extend a hand out and here comes an auto. Sometimes or rather most of the time Rickshaws are annoying too; for their careless driving and unattended meters. And that’s why car owners hate them. Sudden halt and unpredictable turns on roads are their trademark. Which makes us curse under our breath every time it makes us jolt in our vehicles behind due to its habit. How much you hate or dislike rickshaws , these are amazing inventions and like god send help when your car breaks down in the middle of the rain or when you have to catch a train. This yellow black Samaritan never puts you down.


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