You can do it!


In a small village there were two friends. One of them was a 6 year old boy whereas the other was 10 years old. There were the best of friends and did everything together. Going to school together and playing together, eating, laughing, enjoying together. The whole village knew of their friendship. One day they both went to an open space to fly kites. Slowly they wandered farther away from the village where there was no one to be seen. Suddenly the elder boy fell into a deep pit and started crying for help. The smaller one wandered around to get some help, but failed to do so. And then He decided to help the boy himself. He found a rope and pulled the older boy up.

When the kids reached their home they told the villagers about the incident. But no one was ready to believe that a small boy could lift up someone who is double his weight. They failed in convincing them that it was actually the truth. Although there was an old man who believed them. The villagers respected this old man and  believed him but asked him as how could be that  possible.

The old man replied that the younger boy could hoist the elder one up from the pit only because there was no one to tell him that he could not do that. There was no one to discourage him; not even himself.

Everything that we go through is in our mind. If we decide to do something, there is no one who can stop us from completing our work. It is all in our hands and in our determination to do something which we wish to.

everyone is equipped with same amount of will, strength and determination. the requirement is only to recognize it and use it in our needs..

Good Luck !


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