My old phone

Found today my first mobile handset buried deep in my closet unattended for months. It was an old box structure with qwerty keypad where for typing ‘s’ one had to press a button 4 times…. And however hard did it fell, our breath did not stop on the fear of its breaking down.


When policeman did not taunted us saying that screengaurd will save your phone not u, buy a helmet instead.

When computers, alarm clocks,diary, etc were useful things for us.. When the world had not been caged by smartphones prisons and their normal handsets did not had the whole world into them to look upon 24*7.

When watsapp n Instagram had not peeked into our lives, there was a sense of belongingness and cozyness in the messages sent to people.

A forwarded message on WhatsApp seems a forced affair , but I am talking of the time when personal message comprising of some sweet words planted a smile on our face.
I got my old mobile stacked with all the old messages, n particularly from ppl I hav lost touch with since infinity.Those sweet messages still remind of the lovely bond n the lovely days lived…
I am talking of time when humans had not surrendered before technology n mobiles were for staying in touch with your ppl.


A Women in making..


A Women is a full circle in itself, with a power to create, nurture and transform.

Women…. A beautiful creature of the almighty.

Women, a being in making….in  a process, a struggle  which begins from its coming into the universe before it emerges out of its mothers womb. A process in making to convince the world to let it live, to see the world.

In its making, the moment it sees the light of the world, face of the universe. A women is in making when it suffers the neglected eyes of the other sex, eyes that wished she had died.

Its the making of her self esteem, and her courage  when she fights with the world to get a chance to breath, a chance to live the way she wants, and a chance to get as much respect and love; the men of the house gets.

A women is in a making when she dodges the prying eyes of strangers while she wishes to live the life to the fullest, when a kid in her comes out to dance in rain and walk with the wind.

Its the making of her limits and realm. a realm of her restricted area of dominance, an area of her sky beyond which her wings can’t fly.

A women is in making when she is showered with, or rather imposed with thousands of rules and instructions when  she need to step out.

A women is in making, a making of her conscience and understanding of her self, her body and the troubles it gives; when she transforms into a different being for some time of the age,of every month precursor of her evolution.

Its her making stage, when she cannot act herself, cannot wear herself and cannot live herself, lest those four people of the society would make stories. its the making of her cocoon in which she hides herself.

The cocoon which breaks when her savior becomes her devourer  and its her making when she realizes every breath of her life is a struggle , a fight to live defeating the demons of the world.

its her making, when she has to step down from the ladder of her dream, cause he has forgotten the identity of herself, the identity of her being her a woman. to banish the coming success, and recognition, and worth , when she is prepared to kill her self to become someones else.

Its a making of a women when she dares to hand over her life to someone else, in a new environment and between new people. A making of her confidence, courage and self respect. A making of her, looking at the world with a different perspective.

Its her making, making of her mortal body and spiritual soul, when she surrenders herself to steer ahead the evolution of the world, and endures the agony and pain which gives her the sweet happiness, to bring a life into the world.

A women is a being in making, a making of balance, a making of life, a making of existence and making of survival on this earth.

A women, unimaginable force of strength, courage and patience, a light of knowledge and hope and an inspiration to live

a women is God’s being, sent upon the earth to conquer the unimaginable  world..







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Count your blessings… be Thankful!!

This is a small story I wrote for small children says..



“Count your blessings, and be grateful”, Dhruv read aloud the poster as their car stopped at the signal.”Mumma what does it mean?”
“It means being happy for whatever you have, there are many who don’t have even that.” her mother said. ‘ hmm’ was only reply she got. He had asked for a new toy the day before which she had declined saying that he should be satisfied with whatever toys he had.So he felt that his mother was trying to console him saying this.

“OK we will play a game, we are going on a holiday, so whatever you want by looking around write it in your notebook.When we come back ,I will give you all.” his mother suggested.

Dhruv was overjoyed on hearing this.

On their way Dhruv saw a fast food centre. “Mom I want to eat pizza n burger”, he demanded. “Note it down,” she replied.

As they went ahead he saw a poor girl eating a bread piece someone bad dropped by. “Mom why is that girl eating that dried bread, she does not have jam also”Dhruv asked. “she does not have food beta, that’s why” came the reply.
“Not even the boring sabji n chapati you give me every day?” He asked amused with his innocent face.
“No dear sometimes they sleep without eating anything.” she replied .

They halted for the lunch at a local roadside dhaba . They saw the dhaba owner beating a small boy brutally because he had broken a cup. Initially Dhruv got scared but still asked his mother the reason for such a scene.

He works here dear. He has done some mistake n so is being punished”.

“But mom this is the school time why is he here?” Again came the question
“Because he does not study Dhruv . He does not have money to go to school as they have to earn money for their family.”

“I will also have to do this mom?” said Dhruv with a glum face.

“No dear we are here for you to feed you and care for you.” now a worried Mom said.
“Acha, show me what all you want”.
Dhruv immediately took out a pencil to cross his wish list

“I already have everything mommy “Thanku for everything “Dhruv replied with tears in his eyes.

Moral: We have many things, which hundreds of people like us do not have. We should always be happy with whatever we have and should count our blessings.

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