A Women in making..


A Women is a full circle in itself, with a power to create, nurture and transform.

Women…. A beautiful creature of the almighty.

Woman, is a being in making …. In a process, a struggle which begins from its coming into the universe before it emerges out of its mother’s womb. A process in making, to convince the world to let it live, to see the world.

In its making, the moment it sees the light of the world, face of the universe. A woman is in making when it suffers the neglected eyes of the other sex, eyes that wished she had died.

It’s the making of her self esteem, and her courage  when she fights with the world to get a chance to breath, a chance to live the way she wants, and a chance to get as much respect and love; the men of the house gets.

A woman is in a making when she dodges the prying eyes of strangers while she wishes to live the life to the fullest, when a kid in her comes out to dance in rain and walk with the wind.

Its the making of her limits and realm. A realm of her restricted area of dominance, an area of her sky beyond which her wings can’t fly.

A woman is in making when she is showered with, or rather imposed with thousands of rules and instructions when she need to step out.

A woman is in making, a making of her conscience and understanding of her self, her body and the troubles it gives; when she transforms into a different being for some time of the age every month, precursor of her evolution.

Its her making stage, when she cannot act herself, cannot wear herself and cannot live herself, lest those four people of the society would make stories. its the making of her cocoon in which she hides herself.

The cocoon which breaks when her saviour becomes her devourer  and its her making when she realizes every breath of her life is a struggle , a fight to live defeating the demons of the world.

its her making, when she has to step down from the ladder of her dream, cause she has forgotten the identity of herself, the identity of her being  a woman. To banish the coming success, and recognition  and worth ,when she is prepared to kill her self to become someone’s else.

Its a making of a woman when she dares to hand over her life to someone else, in an unfamiliar environment and between new people. A making of her confidence, courage and self respect. A making of her, looking at the world with a different perspective.

Its her making, making of her mortal body and spiritual soul, when she surrenders herself to steer ahead the evolution of the world, and endures the agony and pain which gives her the sweet happiness, to bring a life into the world.

A woman is a being in making, a making of balance, a making of life, a making of existence and making of survival on this earth.

A woman, is an unimaginable force of strength, courage and patience, a light of knowledge and hope and an inspiration to live.

A woman is God’s being, sent upon the earth to conquer the cruel world, with her kindness, warmth, love and strength ..









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