My old phone

Found today my first mobile handset buried deep in my closet unattended for months. It was an old box structure with qwerty keypad where for typing ‘s’ one had to press a button 4 times…. And however hard did it fell, our breath did not stop on the fear of its breaking down.


When policeman did not taunted us saying that screengaurd will save your phone not u, buy a helmet instead.

When computers, alarm clocks,diary, etc were useful things for us.. When the world had not been caged by smartphones prisons and their normal handsets did not had the whole world into them to look upon 24*7.

When watsapp n Instagram had not peeked into our lives, there was a sense of belongingness and cozyness in the messages sent to people.

A forwarded message on WhatsApp seems a forced affair , but I am talking of the time when personal message comprising of some sweet words planted a smile on our face.
I got my old mobile stacked with all the old messages, n particularly from ppl I hav lost touch with since infinity.Those sweet messages still remind of the lovely bond n the lovely days lived…
I am talking of time when humans had not surrendered before technology n mobiles were for staying in touch with your ppl.


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