The ‘Grey side’ of Fandom…



“Main aaj jo kuch bhi hoon apne fans ki wajah se hoon, agar wo nai to main kuch bhi nai” (Today whatever I am, I am because of my fans; without them I am nothing.). The recently released movie “Fan” has introduced us to some very dark and horrifying side of the fame and fan following, the celebrities in our country face. For some people who call themselves fans, the madness goes to an extent they themselves are not able to fathom. Throwing the celebrities in the zenith of their likeness and dropping them deep down mercilessly for a trivial mistake. The situation changes in a second.

People have done  some exceptional works creating masterpieces for their stars devoting their time and money. The famous painter M.F.Hussain was also a diehard fan of the Bollywood actress Madhuri dixit, portraying numerous looks of her  on a canvas.  He even once booked an entire theater for a Madhuri dixit’s movie.

Many crazy fan incidents has always been encountered by the celebrities and especially the film stars. ‘Vivah’ actress Amrita Rao received a wedding proposal by a fan after he loved her in the movie by sending her a embellished wedding card, the full history of his lineage and ancestors and introduction of his full family to win her heart for marriage.

Many a times cricketers do also encounter such madness in the form of their fan following.


Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar has an immense fan following. One of his fans Sudhir Kumar Chaudhary who is believed to be his greatest fan makes it a point to be present in each of his match irrespective of the place it is taking place in any corner of the world travelling thousands of km for a single day match. He can be well recognized as he is painted all over in the colors of tricolor. People spend fortunes for sending their favorite celebrities gifts and souvenirs.

But this is also a harsh reality that these loving fan fraternities does not step back even once, to throw brickbats at their fans if they do not approve of celebrities performances or personal deeds. The house of M.S. Dhoni in his hometown Ranchi was badly pelted by his fans, going to the extent of shouting slogans for him to die and burning effigies, when India lost a match against Bangladesh in 2013.

Similarly a slight misunderstandings on the part of the media and media reporting a statement not intended as seen overlooks a rage against these celebrities. Sometimes the personal comments about a social issue by these famous people are not taken well by the fans. A personal opinion of the super star Shah Rukh Khan on the rising intolerance in India saw a ban and boycott of his movie by the audiences, though both had no relation with each other. But yes after all everything concerning the celebrities is public for the fans.

For the layman celebrities are both a fascination and an escapist dream-both being more necessary in life than one may imagine. A person who once is able to win the hearts of the public enjoys immense love , affections and blessings of the public. Thousands of people flock in front of the house of Amitabh Bachchan every Sunday to just to see him once.

As much as this is the reality, it is also a truth that as soon as these celebrities are away from our eyes, they get away from the minds as well. One small mistake, one wrong statement and one flop movie brings them back to their own underground world, isolated and alienated. Until a celebrity acts as desired by the public he is a hero, otherwise another human  lost in the crowd, after a matter of time.

There is no regulator or remote control of the public’s feelings, at one point they are God for thousands of people and next moment nothing, unrecognizable. At one point they do experience a wave of love and life, but they should be ready for the dark hours too. Though disturbing it may be but so short lived is the grandeur of their fairy tale life.




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