Surrogacy ban- a quest for finding good in it…

“After I went through a series of miscarriages, surrogacy was the option I considered as my last hope, but now it seems I am barking up the wrong tree,” says Anita, a homemaker who wants to go for surrogacy.

The surrogacy regulation bill 2016 which was passed on 24th August 2016 has brought about turmoil in the lives of surrogate mothers who has taken it professionally and also for those who had wished for a child through surrogacy.

According to the new law, commercial surrogacy has been completely banned, allowed only for altruistic purpose and that also  for only those married couples who are childless for 5 years with no adopted child. This is a big blow to homosexual couples, foreigners, and people wishing to be a single parent.

This has not  only curtailed the liberty of the people who wish to have child without being married but also of those surrogates who are in the field since many years and bank on it, for earning lakhs in one pregnancy.

Sushma Swaraj, while announcing the bill said that something which was earlier initiated as a need has now become a hobby. Celebrities already having two children are going for  a third through surrogacy.

Some activist who are against the surrogacy also claim that commercial surrogacy is against human rights. It is like renting your womb for some money. Though different people have different arguments, the surrogates for the protection of whom this bill has been passed have a different tale to narrate.  “What is wrong in this? The childless mother gets her baby and we get money for our livelihood .The money we get help us live a dignified life .If I would have been unhappy I would have not attempted it repeatedly “.says Reshma a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy is a benefit which is enjoyed by both;. The mother as well as the receiver of the child. But the surrogate mothers are more at risk and are often exploited. The agencies facilitating the surrogacy often cheats these poor surrogates giving only half the amount promised and many mothers often lose their life owing to lack of after delivery care.


Without considering the resentment shown by the people, this cannot be denied that surrogacy is, like misusing the power of being able to bear a child. A business of womb renting. Which is morally incorrect. After all earning money by selling kidneys is also the same as this and it is too a crime..

Surrogacy, a process which can help a couple enjoy the happiness of having a child should be used in its sacred manner only when it is most necessary , not in a way as it is done today. Thinking about the surrogates well being it is a commendable step taken by the government. But it is also a issue to look upon as to how well will it be taken by the surrogacy agencies the surrogates themselves.


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