Your own time Zone..

Are you worried that at this age you are still not successful? You have not yet cleared your exams after so many attempts. Or you are 28 and still not married? Do you get stressed to see your peers in  better position than you. If your answers are yes, then you are ignoring your time... Continue Reading →

The Mornings….

I open my eyes to new mornings, With hopes and faith renew. I take in the fresh air with confidence, With more smiles and doubts few. The world is good and the world is bad, There are different shades in every soul. The darker the night the brighter are the days, And the more beautiful... Continue Reading →

The Book(ie) Story

Strolling along the footpath one evening, I came across a man, who had hundreds of books spread before him ,amusingly a girl like me who is a born bookworm could not resist to take a look at them. now you may wonder why would I only look at it and not buy some, if I... Continue Reading →

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