The Book(ie) Story

Strolling along the footpath one evening, I came across a man, who had hundreds of books spread before him ,amusingly a girl like me who is a born bookworm could not resist to take a look at them. now you may wonder why would I only look at it and not buy some, if I declare myself as someone who likes to read, but here I would mention that I had wandered out of my small room to get some fresh air and may be buy some fruits if I could find any. And to mention this I want to say that I hardly had 100 RS which I didn’t believe could fetch me any good book. So after satisfying my eyes and making myself yearn to have one of those I came back with a promise that I will surely come back with a heavy pocket to buy some of those.
Scrabbling through my closet I luckily found the envelope which my brother had handed me on this rakhi ,which I had hid, to buy something special later. Realizing that that special is definitely this. With a broad smile I took a 500 note from it fumbling to myself that it would certainly fetch me 2-3 books that would keep me alive at least for a week.
I didn’t know that a surprise was waiting for me. As I stepped on the same footpath again, my twinkling eyes spotted a board kept in a obscure corner beside the book seller with 20/- each sign on it.
Not able to believe n resist my curiosity( my enormous happiness to be precise) I confirmed the price from the man to which he replied ” koni pan ghiya, fakt 20 rupye”. ( pick up any one, it’s all for only 20 RS.)  If I was not standing on a busy footpath I would have danced for a whole minute on his answer. Grabbing as many as I thought would be of my liking I came back with the happiest feeling since many days. it was like i had grabbed upon a fortune that too so cheap.
N here I am, keeping each book close to my face , smelling the scent of an old book that reminds me of the smell we used to have in our school libraries which was always brimming with books new and as old as a decade. the smell which was more soothing than a rose and the feeling of so many ‘Unread’ is incomparable….

P.s. the vendor has a bookstore which he wishes to close and so it was a sort of mega sale comprising of some decade old books. I bought mostly the old books of which the pages had faded away with time.


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