Your own time Zone..

Are you worried that at this age you are still not successful? You have not yet cleared your exams after so many attempts. Or you are 28 and still not married? Do you get stressed to see your peers in  better position than you. If your answers are yes, then you are ignoring your time zone and yes your true happiness too.


Many a times, we gets anxious and worried to see others climbing the stairs of success n happiness before us, and that anxiety doubles if the person is younger or less experienced from us. But we forget the fact that there is a definite time for everything in our lives, and before that no one gets anything.

A wise thought explains this perfectly :-

“God has planned happiness for each one of us at the right time in our life. The only thing is that, he doesn’t share his calendar with us. So just enjoy the surprises”.

Shahid kapoor once said in his interview “Things come to you, when they are meant to come to you.”

Seems very superficial na? Let us understand this with a story I once read.

A dog and an elephant became pregnant at the same time. In three months the dog gave birth to 6 puppies. Another six months passed and the dog gave birth to another dozen of them. The elephant was still pregnant. At the end of eighteenth month, the dog approached the elephant and mocked him “we started together. I’m a proud mother of a dozen of grown up dogs today and you are still  at  the same place. What’s happening?”


The elephant smiled and replied “it will take two years for my baby to be born. But when it does, and when it will step out, the earth will feel it. When it will walk the human will stop to look at it in admiration.  When it will grow up, it will be visible from meters away..I am carrying a baby elephant. Which is mighty and whose presence matters. Can you say these things about your puppies?

The dog was dumbstruck and went away.

This happens with our lives as well. We get anxious and agitated with the things  our peers get, lamenting that we are not the receiver of things as them. But we forget that may be which is taking time will be much better than others. We need to wait patiently for what we deserve, which we  will get but at the right time .

We should not loose faith when we see others receive answer to their prayers. Everything is best when it comes at a right time.

Again I would quote something told by Shahid Kapoor ( I m not his fan by the way) . He said ” everyone gets hit by a humongous wave in his life and career which changes it for the better. It is better that it hits us slightly later because if it hits us early and we are not experienced enough , it will take us in.

clocks.jpg.Do just relax and let the universe do its work on the right time

All the best!



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  1. sherinsk says:

    True 🙂

    1. 🙂
      Thank you for reading..

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