Demonetization or ‘Monsterization’ ?…

I had just stepped out of the ATM when the news app on my phone flashed,  informing me that all the shining notes I had reluctantly withdrawn( it pains a lot to withdraw money, more when you have to give it to someone else as it is) would turn useless from the midnight. Yes, u guessed it right, it was 8th Nov and the time was precisely 8.05 pm. I had lots of bills to be paid and it took me a while to fathom the unfortunate news that has just brought my sleeping phone into life with all the useless trolls, jokes and GIF flooding the watsapp chats. To confirm that it’s not a stupid joke, I switched on the TV and yes our dear PM’S voice resonated in my ears which said 500 and 1000 notes would not be a legal tender any more. Looking at my phone irritated me even more when I saw my gallery brimming again with photos, which I had recently  cleaned after the Diwali. The next day went inquiring for the procedure of cash exchange after I had managed to vacuum out the old 500 notes which were secured in the envelopes I had received earlier. Firstly it took me 2 days to understand its terminology as being ‘demonetization’ and  ‘  नोटबंदी’  and further two weeks as how would it bring and stop black money back. The system of vacuuming cash hidden in the ‘secret chambers’ of the rich was something I was not able to digest. I mean, let’s see. No comments!!


Before the system of inking our fingers came I had already exchanged half of my reserves, but the other half hung in midway, as the officials, with a grave face refused to exchange anything more if we had already done once. And depositing it  and then withdrawing the same  seemed scary to me, as standing in the long queue lined up before hardly working ATM’S shuddered me inside out. But today, when I decided to pay the banks in my area a brief visit, I was confirmed that I have to face my fears now, as  exchanging cash  is disallowed. The Hrithik Roshan add started playing in my mind “Darr ke aage jeet hai’ and finally I am standing before  the ATM queue looking at the urgency smeared on everyone’s face. As I may stop shopping or treating myself with ice cream for some time, but the meals  will not wait for the Modiji’s  plan to take its form. The tiffinwale bhaiya has asked for money and I need to finally face the line now. Never have I felt so bad on having 500 notes in my purse.

Finally on a serious note, I wish other people of the country are not at the same flight of stairs as I am. God bless…



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