A havoc called Demonetization…

The mastermind behind the demonetization has possibly given the precise quote in the present havoc situation, after our PM declared the demonetization. “He has done this operation without the anesthesia”. he had said. The situation in the county today is no less than an emergency, with the only difference being that in an actual emergency the rich are able to save their asses and the poor, relying on government support are often drowned. Whereas in today’s situation the rich are the most distressed, depressed and worried class of people. Off course the other people are too facing difficulties, but they are able to take an in corrupted sleep. For them the worry of exchange and withdrawal is present, but at least are saved from the tension of ‘how to turn black into white without being identified’.

Demonetization is a huge step which has almost paralyzed the whole economy. People are leaving all their chores to stand for hours in line to withdraw their own money and that too only 2000 at a time. What great difference would it make? Bank employees are working like mules to control and help the crowd brimming at the banks gates, among which half of them are sent back because there is shortage of cash. The rage of people are growing when news of elderly dying at the queue surface the newspapers. Yes the country is supporting the PM in his decision of demonetization, but if it’s wise or not, this will only be evident in coming months.


Today the PM is being criticized for troubling the poor and slowing the business. The GDP is estimated to plunge down due to   speed braker the business has faced. But the silver lining is the  creative minds of people who are thinking business in this grave situation too. Like the innovative startup which has come up in Delhi offering people to hire someone to stand in queue on behalf of them by ‘ Book your chotu’; an app.A  surprising idea.

Where there are news surfacing the media of complete disapproval and abuses hurled by the people of small towns where complete reliance is on cash n not plastic money, PM is also being praised of taking such a bold step to curb corruption .  Waiting for the results of which Modi had anticipated to bring out such announcement is the only way left. But it would be interesting to see if the citizens stand by him till the end going by the problems being faced by them.


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