कौन हो तुम?

ख्यालों के झोखें अक्सर आया जाया करते है

मेरे दिल में , ये पूछने की आखिर तुम कौन हो.

रूबरू हो कर भी तुमसे कुछ कह न पाती हूँ

क्यों मैं तुम्हारे  सामने मौन हूँ?

दिल की बातें होठों तक आकार ठिठक जाती है

ठहर कर दिल से पूछ लेती है, आखिर तुम मेरे कौन हो?

उम्मीदों से बंधे पाँव दौड़ के पहुच जाते है द्वार तक

पर कदम देहलीज़ पे पड़ने से पहले पूछ लेते जी तुम मेरे कौन हो?


तुम्हारे ज़िक्र पर जुगनू की तरह  चमकती मेरी आँखें

शर्माता हुआ चेहरा, अजीब सी बेचैनी

मुझे झंझोर के पूछती है, की बोलो की तुम मेरे कौन हो.


आज भी तुम्हारी याद, मुस्कुराहटों की बहार ला देती है,

और मैं सिर्फ दिल से इतना ही पूछ पाती हूँ की तुम मेरे कौन हो?


I will be there


Whenever you feel, you are missing me,

Just close your eyes and I’ll be there


Whenever you feel, you love me

Just pull me close and leave no air


Whenever you feel, I am adorable,

Call me up to say, you care


Whenever you feel, I am not what you see

Just look into my eyes and you will see a soul bare


Whenever you feel I don’t love you anymore

Just pass an order and I’ll do as you declare


Whenever you feel, you are lucky to have me

Just know I feel the same, coz you are a gem so rare


Whenever you feel, you need some1 to talk

Just frame your words and you’ll have all my ears.


Whenever you feel scared by the outside world,

You are here secured and safe, I am always here, just be aware


Whenever you feel alone in this huge world

Just walk with me, and we will be the loveliest pair



There are moments when we feel emotionally low, start doubting our-self, our efforts. We feel that whatever we are doing , may be its not worth, and it it is, it is not giving us results. Life of others seems better and greener to us. But we forget that grass is always greener the other side. Patience and hard work is something which help us climb the ladder of success.

This is a short poem depicting these things. A small note of motivation and encouragement.


“Just shun all the apprehensions,

You have a long way to go.

Fear is the loser’s baby

Courage is what helps you to grow.


The face of life has many lines on its floor

You cannot wipe everything you wish

Happiness and sadness are part of it

Required to make perfect dough.


Stop judging yourself, it’s time to sow

You will get the result when you least expect it

A’ yes’ is not always good

And bad does not always follows a ‘no’.


Anticipate the future with open arms

You have faced the heat, now let it snow

Present is precious, future is magical

Work hard, and let the world know


Life is beautiful if you wish to see it that way

These are happiness and blessings laid up in a row.

You live life completely only when

You learn to maneuver between the high and the low. ”  

Who are you to me?

You are asking me, what are you to me. Like Seriously? . You want a expressive answer I guess..

In the world of struggling days, you are my peaceful night.

In the world insomniac, you are my sound sleep

In the world of restlessness,you are my music.

In the world of maths problems, you are my calculator.

In the world of heartbreaks, you are my sweet crush.

In the world of tasteless veggies, you are my chocolate.

In the world of accusations, you are my pride.

In the world of failures, you are my prize.


In the world of every moment of death, you are my life

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