I will be there

Whenever you feel, you are missing me, Just close your eyes and I’ll be there   Whenever you feel, you love me Just pull me close and leave no air   Whenever you feel, I am adorable, Call me up to say, you care   Whenever you feel, I am not what you see Just... Continue Reading →


There are moments when we feel emotionally low, start doubting our-self, our efforts. We feel that whatever we are doing , may be its not worth, and it it is, it is not giving us results. Life of others seems better and greener to us. But we forget that grass is always greener the other... Continue Reading →

Who are you to me?

You are asking me, what are you to me. Like Seriously? . You want a expressive answer I guess.. In the world of struggling days, you are my peaceful night. In the world insomniac, you are my sound sleep In the world of restlessness,you are my music. In the world of maths problems, you are... Continue Reading →

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