A thought popped up in my mind today,
I think I’ll share it with you
Why the sky above is not so blue
And the trees have reduced to few

Why the birds those came to my sill every morning
have seem to lost their way
its only the smoke climbing the air I see
When I squint my eyes at the start of the day.


Why the kids are sad, plunging deep into the house
Nodding their heads in a big nay
“We are not going out admist the puddle and sewage
We want a park to play,” they say.

Why the mornings are gloomy, the night’s dampness prevail
How those days were different to live
When the flowers in the garden kissed in falling sunrays.

why the world is not as it used to be
Butterflys and parrots are lost, they say
Why I cannot spend my evenings on the lake as I did
A skyscapper has taken its place
I heard as both can not together fay.

I had once heard, an old man remark in its abbey
Time is not always the same, nov is not like may
It changes with the wind, he had said.
you may wish it to stop, but it is not meant to stay.

These thought still bob in my mind
However hard I try to shoo it away
Then , defeated I stop wondering
Accepting, now it is meant to be this way.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Very well written!!!

    Check out my blog also to experience the magic of letters.

    Hope you will like it:)

  2. Nice. Good imagery painted and smart vocabulary.

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