Marriage Expenses- A flush of Money!!

A girl close to my house was married off in a hurry to a NRI because he was ready to bear all the marriage expenses. The girl did not like the guy, she said he was suspicious but she was reprimanded, having said that marriage is not a play. They would never be able to marry her with so much pomp n show as in this case. Just because they were relieved of the heavy marriage expenses the girl was given to into wrong hands. Today the girl’s family is fighting a divorce case against the boy as he tried to use her for illegal and wrong business abroad.

The story here is not about a failed marriage or man’s cruelty, but about the fear of marriage and its expenses, and often marrying their girl child. It is said that the biggest donation in a father’s life is ‘kanya Dan’ (to marry off her daughter). It is also said that marrying a girl child is having completed a big responsibility. Though it is about finding a right home but undoubtedly it is also about passing of a big financial obligation.

A marriage in today’s date is a perfect example of showcasing wealth and status symbol. I often compare it with the procession a king, after being crowned as king took around the  kingdom to show its wealth.

This is what marriages are today. More of a show-off than love.

The government of Jammu and Kashmir has come out with a excellent rule to curb the extravagant spending of expenses in the marriages.  Putting a stop to the useless wastage of money in the marriages taking place in its state. And this is what, is of utmost necessity in whole Indian subcontinent. The commendable part is, that the officials have not waited for the central bill to be passed to implement such law in the state beforehand.

Talking about the huge wedding ceremonies of the big Indian fat weddings, a marriage is normally a 3-4 days affair in Hindu culture. Originally destined to be a close affair of preparing the bride for a new journey it has turned into a extravagant spending and show of status .Variety of rituals among hundreds of guests with crores of expense find their way into the marriage affair as a very normal scenario.  Not forgetting the extravagant decoration, innumerable food items and gifts for the guests. There is no limit to a marriage expense. The rich have no problems because according to them “shadi ek hi bar hoti hai” and they should spend whatever they can. But the middle class, the (majority) in a society like India where maintaining a status in the society is more important than the life itself face the gravest problem. They are the one who are under immense social pressure to show them as wealthy and eligible to be a part of the society.


The proposed bill ‘Marriages (Compulsory Registration and Prevention of Wasteful Expenditure )’ which is supposed to be passed in Lok Sabha aims at curbing lavish expenses and instead solemnizing the wedding .

Undoubtedly this bill will come out as a relief to a large no. of families if implemented properly. But this is INDIA. There is a presence of a loophole everywhere.

 The spender will have to put a limit to the number of guest as fixed by the authorities and a person spending more than 5 lakhs rupees on marriage will have to declare the amount and contribute 10% of it to welfare fund of government for marriage of unprivileged girls. The problem is it’s no big deal.

This will be very convenient to all those family who do not think twice before a lavish wedding.

There will be no use of the bill if it actually happens like this.

Though a large class of people who would not be affected by the bill but The introduction of the bill still gives a silver lining that   people in a tax evading county will be happier to save their pockets than giving anything to govt. It is expected that the bill would also reduce the status display and the tendency of ‘showing ‘off the wealth.

Now it will be interesting to see if this 6th bill is passed or it is also scrapped off like the previous 5 bills in 20 years for curbing the marriage expenses. Fingers Crossed!!

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