Fatal arms of depression.

I was flipping through the newspaper one fine morning when my phone rang, my friend on the other side had called to inform me that one of my schoolmate had committed suicide.. I went numb. He was the most cheerful guy of the class., always cracking jokes and starting a laughter riot. With a feeling of despair, I returned to my newspaper only to be saddened more by the news of a Mumbai lad who  committed suicide by jumping from a  hotel window. He was studying in one of the most reputed college of the city and was believed to be a good student. A quote by a psychologist below the news story read “depression is eating up the young generation today”.

In the past recent months, depression is a topic which is being touched quite seriously and frequently. According to a study , every 20 out of 100 youth is suffering from depression, a hidden fatal disease. After Deepika Padukon, an Indian actress spoke about it last year, it has bounced back to being discussed with much attention. Depression is a slow mental illness, which is received with  raised eyebrows and murmurs in the place of sympathy or care as in other diseases. She is mad? is what people say. A smiling face, a calm demeanour may be hiding a  depressed soul and thousand hands pressing him deep down to his  own problems.

Depression is not easily identifiable. a patient stops talking ,socializing or even sleeping or eating on time. Mostly it is termed as being arrogant, careless and rude. Young people with a great career and a promising  future  awaiting  before them just kill themselves. In a matter of a second, a future leader , or doctor or an engineer becomes a past.


It is very sad and disheartening to see youth , who are the future of the nation, the torch bearers of the development  ending their lives. with the increasing competition, money greed and the superficial lives of the social media, the man today is  living more in a artificial life rather than enjoying it. Admist all these, the young generation who are more vulnerable to all these aspects, , are  retreating themselves under their own shells, marred by insecurity, failures and lack of personal touch. A person may look rich and happy, but his heart may be lonely and poor. the outward appearance never shows the wounds beneath. the materialistic development has reduced the tolerance and patience  power of the people , they give up easily and as a result commit suicide.


The need of the hour is talking about it as much as we can. earning the trust of the depressed that he can confide in us their problems which can be talked upon and solved. To treat it as a temporary illness and disease which can be cured with love and care. Its just about bringing them back from the darkness by showing them a little light. Standing against depression and suicide, thereby standing with life and hope.


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