The beauty of love… ♥♥♥♥♥

Sometimes what we see helps us understand things clearer more than what we feel around us or what we listen to. Media is a very good tool to feel things, feelings and places, which we do not come across in reality. Whether it is the stubbornness to have the same designer clothes as the actor is wearing, or the fire to work hard to build the similar palace for oneself as in the television, it shows various things, humans in reality cannot and would not imagine and wish to have. However, the media sows in us the desire to have things, which we may not feel the need of.

Similarly often media helps us understand the simple joys of life and its significance which we fail to notice, racing behind worldly chores. One of them is the gift of love and the momentary existence of wealth in our lives.  Where watching being loved on screen makes me feel warm and glad, money and wealth brings a lump in my throat and wrinkles on my forehead.  I‘ll explain why…

I was watching the finale of a web series last night where the family in the show being troubled in their respective lives come together at the end, finding happiness among each other. There were wealthy, successful, yet unhappy living reclusive .Those particular 10 mins filled me with the gratitude for the family and friends I have and of course with the love they shower upon. I belong to a middle class family, I do not flaunt Caprese bag or sleep on a round bed, but I am fortunate enough that I have friends to laugh off my worries with  and loving parents to share my troubles with. Fortunate and lucky that I am greeted with a warm smile when I come home driving all way from my office and I am woken up with a kiss planted on my temple by my father.

I feel inspired to work hard and struggle to steer ahead in life when I see people living a luxurious life, but many a times the coldness of that wish, to acquire wealth eats up the mental piece. There are moments when it feels that chuck! the money, the wealth, all I need is a loving family and nothing else. The strain of running behind those pieces of paper called money, which drive the world seems so small and insignificant in front of the massive power of love. When I see love all around, happiness and sweet fights, the smiles and glowing faces,  the warmth of belongingness engulfs the air spreading across smiles and joy.


I eventually come to a standstill and realize that it is only love and happiness that the human lives for. Of course, money is important but is eventually secondary, a means to acquire happiness and love.

Love is free, unconditional and pure, and then it does not matters where it oozes and from where. Just looking forward to someone who loves you, brings a tingling smile.  A thought of meeting our old friends or cousins, attending reunions and gatherings gives much more happiness than buying oneself an expensive gift, undoubtedly. The reason, the presence of ‘love’.

Once in a while, brush aside all other apprehensions, necessities  and greed and think of the magic of love, spreading across you amidst all the chaos of life, the race for wealth and arms of  living a ‘ prosperous’ life.


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