The World is changing by….


As I embark upon the the journey through life , I witness a wave of change. A change of culture, traditions, habits and thought.A change in lifestyle, landscape, living and tolerance.A change in times.

The thatched roofs and dung layered floors turning into silver glassed window panes and mirror tiles on the floor. The narrow lanes smeared with cow dung and mud into six lane wide concrete roads where every other vehicle is against a race with the other. As I step out of my home, which has also turned from the ventilated 2 storey  house lined by gardens and trees to air tight packet some BHK flats, where the sunlight struggles to step in and driveway is a matter of the past, I even see the change in the air that we breath.

As I continue walking past the racing crowd of rat race , i realize that the relations today  are like, lost in the world of competition.every other child is heading to score the maximum, to get a seat in the IIT;  every other adult for a  9-5  job. The mutuality that kept families intact over decades  have died a painful death. The healthy family whose number ran into two digits  has been replaced by nuclear families, where isolation and solitude are the convenient companions of the kids in the house. The discussions and opinions of the members have gone, the evening gathering have turned into evening check ins on social media sites, and of course the cousins are now a distant relatives..

As i move forward pondering on these facts  I can see the change in the class and behavior of the demography of people. Change in lifestyle, in patience and tolerance power, change in reactions and responses and also in the awareness level. And undoubtedly it has brought in a lot of problems and troubles with it too. People are more aware, more arrogant and more self centered.

A change in technology, with on one hand has simplified life and on the other hand has also complicated it severely. A change in scenario where, humans are turning into machines, with a glint of emotions and feelings dying a silent death. A change in habits, likes, dislikes and influences, which does not step back from breaking the barriers and insulting the traditions. Though a Positive change for the downtrodden, caged in age old superstitious beliefs, but very fatal for ever- knowing – youngster, who are  lacking behind in taking their legacy forward thanks to the technological advancements .

The country where the rituals and traditions have given it a distinct identity  is also victimized by the wave of this change. Of course it will be and should be evident. The value and meaning of festivals are taking a scary change.

There is a shift in the world, shift in the mindset and thoughts. Change breaking into every pores of the society . The change to see a different future.

It is entirely different and debatable as to it will lead the world to doom or progress….


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